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Yet again, are we beating a dead horse? 
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Post Re: Yet again, are we beating a dead horse?
Uh, yes, it looks like you were calling me out because...I thought you were. No big deal, thanks for clarifying.

Yes, that's what I'm talking about. I don't know if people will circumvent the barriers (I would say "buffers") or not. I'd say it's worth a try but of course that's not up to me.

Just to be clear, I do think there are other ways--forum culture is a big factor. I just haven't seen it work when it comes to RPGs, except in a small way on Sett's site (which s a very small site). But in other venues for other topics, the urge to respond to silliness is strongly restrained. Not sure it would be worth enumerating all of the reasons.

Really, the only RPG fora that I've seen be consistently, genuinely, sincerely nice are the more focused ones. The more focused, the more this seems to hold.

Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:31 pm
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Post Re: Yet again, are we beating a dead horse?
I never got the sense that the Haven dictated that people should be nice or promoted (voluntarily or not) a culture of passive-aggressiveness.

I think there were a few things in mind when this place was created, mostly these two:


It had to be a forum where you could talk about any RPG in the main RPG forum. It's weird but very few fora offer that. ENWorld, and The RPG site all segregate certain RPGs to sub-fora (in the case of the latter forum, they even like to pretend they're not really roleplaying games). Ironically, the only other big forum where you can start threads in the main forum about any RPG is Story-Games. But by its explicit nature, it's not a place where a generalist like me would hang out too often (and that's no knock on S-G. Andy has built a nice community there).

Honestly, I think the Haven has succeeded remarkably well in that respect. Sure, people might tell you game X sucks balls, but nobody is ever gonna dislodge your thread to a ghetto-forum if you're asking for campaign help with game X. You can talk about Poison'd, Shadowrun, your homebrew, DnD3rd edition, DnD4th edition and even DnD9th edition if you want. I even started a thread about a game that's not even available in English and nobody minded.

2-Community-driven instead of top-heavy and meddling moderation

Past and current administrators have been remarkably discrete. You can say anything you want here, provided you're on-topic. Aside from the basics (porn, spam, piracy links) it's pretty much anything goes. Our administrators have made sure the place is functional without ever hinting this was their personal playground.

So I think the Haven achieved its two main goals.

Because the community was quite small and everyone had the all-inclusiveness to heart, I this the place had quite a friendly atmosphere at first but this never meant everybody had to agree on things. Besides, at this point in time, I think any such notion probably flew out the window. The Haven is on the internet. And anything that doesn't demand accountability is bound to have its lot of people acting like cowardly, raging assholes. And those we have just like everywhere else.


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Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:57 am
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Post Re: Yet again, are we beating a dead horse?
We do?

NAME SOME NAMES, let's get mean.

Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:52 pm
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