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[BOL]Honor + Intrigue actual play 
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Post [BOL]Honor + Intrigue actual play
So this week I got a chance to run my swashbuckling variation on the Barbarians of Lemuria game system, "Honor + Intrigue". Now I have gotten to run it before, and even had a campaign going a while back, but this is the first time that I've gotten to run it where I've felt the "system" was done. There is still some work to go on the draft: GMing advice, some setting info, etc- but the "rules" part is done. Ship to ship, mass combat, magic, mad science inventions, and all sorts of other optional stuff that people wanted is done and able to be used in this campaign.

I decided to start the campaign in Port Royal Jamaica, 1680. This was partly because my friends really like Pirate related stuff, and partly because I figure one of the easiest ways to handle "why is the party together?" is to have them all be part of the crew of a ship.

And so, meet the crew of the Fiery Juliet:

The Captain She refuses to be called by any other name (other than Ma'am). She is a rough and tumble privateer who can fight with the best of men. She's got a ship of her own... and a terrible curse.

Might 1 Daring 1 Savvy 1 Flair 1
Brawl 1 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 1
Privateer 3 Scoundrel 1 Duelist 0 Explorer 0

Boons: Born Sailor, Carouser, Dueling Style (Drake's)
Flaws: Cursed, Hunted (Spanish Navy)

Oswald "Oz" Archer Master Gunner
Though he was a landlubber who made a living as a hunter, he saw something that drove him to the sea, and turned his eyes into dead whites. He can still see, though and is in fact, a great shot.

M-1 D1 S4 F1; Br0 Me 0 Ra 3 De 1; Woodsman 1, Hunter 2, Gunsmith 0, Sailor 1
Boons: Crack-Shot, Mastery (Quick-Draw, Quick-Load), Savant
Flaws: Unsettling (dead white eyes), Superstitious

Diego de la Caleverras Ship's Purser (person in charge of cargo, supplies, and paymaster).
A man with a head for numbers, a weakness for money, and a problem with gambling in charge of the loot. What possible trouble could this get the party into?

M0 D1 S1 F3; Me1 Br1 Ra1 De1; Duelist 1 Privateer 0 Merchant 2 Gambler 1
Boons: Beguiling, Friends in High Places, Left-Handed Training
Flaws: Arrogant, City-Dweller

Doctor Cervantes Ship's Surgeon
A bit of a "fish out of water" the civilized, gentlemanly, and altruistic doctor has somehow ended up working alongside some of the roughest sea dogs to ever set sail!

M0 D0 S3 F1; Br0 Me0 Ra1 De3; Scholar 0 Apothecary 1 Physician 4 Sailor 0
Boons: Healing Touch, Gifted (Physician)
Flaws: Soft-Hearted

Naughty Nick Able Seaman
While he is listed as "Able Seaman" Naughty Nick seems to be somewhat modeled on McHale's Navy/ Seargent Bilco. He is constantly trying to get other people to do his work on the ship, and also has a weakness for women that gets him into trouble. In spite of his lower class appearance, Nick also has somehow obtained a magnificent rapier... and he knows how to use it.

M1 D1 S1 F2; Br0 Me3 Ra-1 De2; Scoundrel 0 Pirate 0 Swordsman 3 Don Juan 1
Boons: Beguiling, Dueling Style (French), Magnificent Blade (Damascus Steel)
Flaws: Lust, Braggart, Hunted (Governor of Jamaica)

Next post: Having a ball in Port Royal!

Maker of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, BASH! Sci-Fi Edition, BASH! Fantasy Edition, and coming soon: "Honor & Intrigue" a game of cinematic swashbuckling action!

Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:34 pm
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Post Re: [BOL]Honor + Intrigue actual play
Scene 2
Her name is Eliza Worthington and she has come to Port Royal trying to help her father, Edmund Worthington, the Archeologist. She had been given a ransom demand to meet here with certain effects (a book with strange writing & star charts and a half scarab medalion) which would be exchanged for her father.

The men who came to kidnap Eliza did not have Worthington with them, obviously. It seems they meant to kidnap Eliza to use her as some leverage against her father, perhaps also because his captors needed that book and medalion for their plans as well.

The sound of gunfire from the fight has brought the watch to the tavern. The Heroes hustle out of the place with Eliza while Naughty Nick tries to distract the guards with some flamboyant sword brandishing and gets himself knocked unconscious from behind for his trouble with a halberd butt. Before he can be arrested, however, the guards move on to some other disturbance (a distraction caused by someone else).

As the heat dies down, the Heroes split up. Some return to the tavern basement while the Doctor and Diego accompany Eliza to a hotel in a better part of town. There they hear about a ball being held that evening by Lord Clairmont, to celebrate and show off his acquisition of a rare Mayan artifact- a gold statue. This piques their interest, especially Diego's (and his lust for gold).

Meanwhile in the basement of the tavern, the four survivors who tried to kidnap Eliza are bound and gagged (the owner cleaned up the tavern to hide signs of a fight and prepared them for his friend the Captain).

They manage to squeeze information out of these miscreants that they are in the employ of Captain LeMarque, a notorious French pirate. Squeezing even more information, they manage to find out that LeMarque has been working with Lord Clairmont.

The two split up parties meet and decide they need to attend Lord Claremont's masquerade ball, thinking its likely he either has Dr. Worthington OR knows where he is being held. So of course, what is a band of rugged sea dogs to do? Go shopping of course!

Diego managed to use his Friend in High Places to merit invitations for the party and also to help outfit them in proper clothing. Because it is a masquerade, they needn't worry about being recognized (something Eliza especially would need to be wary of).

Maker of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, BASH! Sci-Fi Edition, BASH! Fantasy Edition, and coming soon: "Honor & Intrigue" a game of cinematic swashbuckling action!

Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:34 pm
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Post Re: [BOL]Honor + Intrigue actual play
Scene 3: Lord Clairmont's Biggest Ball of the All
While most of the heroes have decided to be guests of the ball, one (Oz) has decided to come in as one of the servants.

The Captain, in order to keep her identity secret has come to the ball pretendng to be a man (nothing a man's wig and a few yards of ace bandage cannot cure).

Now the Heroes are aware that weapons will not be allowed inside the ball. Thus, most of the Heroes are leaving their weapons in the carriage. However, Oz has had Eliza strap his wheel-locks to her legs (under that big poofy dress) just in case.

Naughty Nick tried to bring his sword into the ball, claiming it was part of his gentleman's ensamble, but was given a ticket for the sword to retrieve from the coat check room like everyone else.

Inside the ballroom, they see the head-sized gold statue atop a pedestal, with a heavy glass dome over it, and lord Clairmont showing the statue off to several guests- one of whom includes the Governor.

While some of the heroes try to slip away from the ball and explore the house, they meet with a guard who says that the master's home is not part of the festivities and leads them back to the ballroom or offers to show them the way to the garden or the exit.

Naughty Nick ends up going to the garden (with the Governor's daughter, who is ironically named "Chastity") and later climbs up the trellace to Lord Clairmont's bedroom. After looting the room of many golden nick-nacks, Nick hears footsteps coming up the stairs and decides to make a distraction. Wadding up all of the bedding and pouring lamp oil all over it, he lights it on fire and throws it out the window, then hides behind a curtain.

Everyone in the ball room is stupified seeing this flaming debris falling from above, just outside the window, and Clairmont begins shouting for guards to come put out the fire and see what's going on. While they're distracted, Diego and the good Doctor manage to steal the gold statue from the ball room (one lifts the dome, the other swipes the statue). With the distraction of the fire, they are able to walk out the front door to the carriage, where Naughty Nick is waiting for them. Diego decides to go back to the ball. When the governor realizes the statue is missing the guards shout to close the gates, and Nick and the Doctor just manage to get the carriage through the gates in time!

Meanwhile, Oz is in the kitchen with a bunch of other servants and decides to look around. He goes down stairs to the cellar, and finds a doorway where two guards are standing watch. Pretending to be lost he asks them what they're doing and if they are ready for him to bring them their food. They say they don't know what's on the other side of the door- just that they have to guard it- but yes, they are hungry!

So Oz gets some food from the kitchen, makes up a couple plates and some wine skins to bring to them. Now he was posing as the Doctor's servant, and thus, has his medical bag. Because Oz also happens to have the Healer career, he makes a roll and finds a drug in there that can knock out a horse... so the guards are easily enough taken care of.

Going into the room, Oz finds Dr. Worthington, and also 3 other cells. 2 contain merchants who recently sold Lord Clairmont a golden mayan statue, but instead of being paid what he promised, Clairmont locked them up in here. The third is a female thief who had been caught trying to steal Clairmont's treasures before. Oz finds out that the key to the cells is worn on Clairmont's necklace! However the thief says she can spring the locks if he manages to get her some proper tools.

Oz manages to find the Captain and brings her down there, where they produce some hairpins and the thief busts them all out of the cells.

Meanwhile, back at the ball, Clairmont has ordered the room shut, as Diego pointed out that the thief MUST be somebody inside the ballroom! Diego then goes around the room, Columbo-like, interrogating everyone as to why they might or might not have stolen the statue. With him asking the questions and casting suspicion on everyone, he rides it out until they have to let people leave.

Meanwhile in the carriage carrying the hot statue, Naughty Nick says he knows a place they can hide out. The player rolls a Calamitous Failure, however, and as such the place they go to hide is some brothel... now being occupied by no less than a dozen guards! So now a FOOT chase begins through the streets of Port Royal. Ultimately they lose the guards and manage to get away with the statue intact.

As the guests are leaving the ball, and an infuriated Lord Clairmont behind, Oz slips into one of the unconscious guards uniforms and gives the other one to Worthington. The guards are then bound and gagged and locked inside the cells. They then walk out the front door with everyone else.

Eliza and her father are re-united and the Heroes have set sail on the evening tide, putting Port Royal, which is now being turned upside down by gangs hired by Clairmont to find the statue and his missing prisoners, behind them.

Dr. Worthington tells the Heroes about the island he believes he has found- the Isle of Onwato- and that it is a place with so many treasures that the gold statue would be nothing by comparison. Agreeing to show the Heroes to the island as a reward for his rescue, and taking on the role as the ship's Navigator, the Fiery Juliet sails out to find adventure.

Maker of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, BASH! Sci-Fi Edition, BASH! Fantasy Edition, and coming soon: "Honor & Intrigue" a game of cinematic swashbuckling action!

Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:35 pm
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Post Re: [BOL]Honor + Intrigue actual play
So this time we had a new player, who made a character (with a fun contrast of Boons and Flaws):

Hortence The ship's Cook who went to sea to escape her tragic fate... but Destiny had other plans for her...
Might 0 Daring 1 Savvy 1 Flair 2
Brawl 0 Melee 2 Ranged 1 Defense 1
Cook 1 Magician 0 Charliatan 2 Sailor 1
Boons: Attractive, Destiny, Beast Friend (Pet monkey named Francoise)
Flaws: Hunted (Captain LeMarque, an Ex-Boyfriend), Tragic Fate
Weapons: Cleaver (1d6-1), Knife (1d3)

Session 2; Scene 1
Our heroes, now aboard the Fiery Juliet are sailing towards the heading determined by Worthington, which should lead to the Isle of the Onwato- a heretofore undiscovered island supposedly once visited by an Egyptian prince who brought with him a fleet of treasure ships.

While there was a bit of a love triangle beginning to form (Naughty Nick pursuing Eliza, Geogette pursuing Naughty Nick, Eliza Pursuing Dr. Cervantes, etc) this frivolity is broken up by Naughty Nick noticing a lady in the water. I had this happen to him because he has "Lust" as a Flaw- and tossed him a Fortune Point, as this would be a VERY difficult challenge for him. Surprisingly he chose to not even roll to resist her siren song calling him to join her in the water, and dove in (albeit with a rope) and began "kissing" the mermaid.

While Nick felt the mermaid's kisses were bliss itself, in truth this was just a narcotic effect of its bites, just as her beautiful voice & appearance were mere illusions. In truth, "mermaids" seem to be some sort of vaguely humanoid shark creature, and it was eating his face with "her" rows of teeth (fortunately for Nick, they were small bites as she kept rolling low on the damage rolls).

Meanwhile, Diego, the ship's Purser also heard the song and dove in the water as well. Becoming jealous, Diego and Naughty Nick began fighting one another over who could "kiss" the mermaid.

So it was up to the female members of the crew. Unlike the other two, they saw the "mermaid" for what she truly was. The captain skewered it with a harpoon, but it had plenty of fight left in it. The ship's cook, Hortence, also came on deck and managed a glancing shot with her pistol. Meanwhile Oz remained below deck as he'd been ordered to do by the Captain (who was worried both about his severe superstition and also the possibility of him jumping in as well)

The captain and Hortence began pulling up the mermaid while Nick and Diego continued holding onto her. Finally after being stabbed, she died, thus ending her spell- and Nick was horrified to see her as she truly was (and noticed his face bleeding). Meanwhile, blood in the water had attracted even more mermaids, which began leaping from the water, nipping at the heals of Nick and Diego as they were dragged on deck. Dr. Cervantes (who had likewise been ordered below deck) now began to stitch up Nick's face, and the purser had the mermaid tossed into a barrel of alcohol so that her corpse could be sold to a carnival.

The mermaids at the side of the ship were encouraged to leave by a cannon blast, and the heroes sailed away from them into the sunset.

Next Time: A storm's a brewin'

Maker of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, BASH! Sci-Fi Edition, BASH! Fantasy Edition, and coming soon: "Honor & Intrigue" a game of cinematic swashbuckling action!

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