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Paul's Real Life Game: Eastern Front Campaign Complete! 
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Post Paul's Real Life Game: Eastern Front Campaign Complete!
Game 1

The players are contacted by their Fixer, and once at the meet will be given an opportunity to accept a job that entails the following: a local Seoulpa Ring has stashed a shipment of Tempo, BT's, small arms and munitions at a warehouse on the corner of Westlake and Republican. The PC's will be paid to:

  • Infiltrate the warehouse, confiscate the stash and return it to a location in the Barrens.
  • If they can steal it, destroy it.

It's a simple smash and grab, enforcement style run. They'll be offered 1500¥ up front, and either another 1500¥ upon competition, and they can keep a reasonable amount of the recovered small arms.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is nothing special, a ramshackle two story brick and sheet metal building. There are no windows on the first floor, and a limited number on the second floor. It is on the city power, sewer and water grid. Security has three layers-

  • Punk kids as loo outs. These kids are neighborhood kids, unarmed, and only work when the warehouse actually has something in it. They use their commlink's to warn the occupants of the warehouse, and don't fight unless they can clearly overwhelm their opponent.
  • Pit Bull inside the building. Trained to be viscous to any one who isn't a gang member, and to attack on command. They also bark when people get too close to the warehouse, or if they are disturbed.
  • 6 gangbanger's-4 Mooks, 1 Boss,and a bad ass as his back up in command. All have heavy pistols except Mr. BadAss who has a sword in addition to his pistol.

The ganger's have commlink's, and have been instructed to contact their boss, Pae Ho-a Korean Gangster who's no joke-if something unusual happens. Unless there is shooting I'll require the leader to get 4 hits on a perception test before he calls. But the hit's will be cumulative over a 12 hour period. I've mapped the surrounding neighborhood. (I need to figure out a way to post those maps for you guys to look over.) And the ganger's have several escape and evasion routes. (three in the underground warehouse, one on the second floor of the warehouse that leads into the derelict print shop next store, and of course two vehicle doors, one roof top exit, the two vans and the two man doors-these guys can scatter like rats!)

The stash is under the warehouse in an Ork underground style secret warehouse. The underground warehouse is lit by track lighting.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:39 am
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Post Game 1 After Action
So you guys deserve the follow up. So here is the after action folks. We just started a new campaign, using starting level 400 point characters.

Dramatis Personæ

Buck: A beat down, aging military veteran who is homeless, and nearly possession-less. Buck's ware, like his life is second hand, and used. In OOC terms he serves as the Street Samurai.

D-Train: Vagrant, Grifter, former medical student full time hedonist and part time junkie, D Train lives in a small trailer park and has small time dreams. He's just looking and living for the next score. In OOC terms he is the Face.

Rowdy: Just a good ole' boy stuck in the city, Rowdy is nearly manic in his positive belief that he can be someone, and make it big. Maybe a little too manic...In OOC terms he serve as the teams Rigger.

A Block: Leader of the gang crew in the ware house, an ork and tough as nails. He has a weakness for drugs, fast women and alcohol.

Mr. BadAss: Basically the most serious opponent the PC's could face in this game, he is a physad and not nearly as stupid as A Block.

Pae Ho: The Korean gangster who owns the stash the players are stealing from, and the guy who will be looking for them now. He is someone I hope to throw at them in four or five games, and is no joke.

The Play by Play

The players start the game at a meet with their Fixer, an eastern bloc dwarf known to them as Griggs. Griggs hires them to send a message to a Seoulpa Ring that has started operating in territory controlled by the people who back Griggs. (The players correctly suspect it to be the Vory but have not given voice to such yet.) He's learned the Ring has stored a large stash of street drugs, small arms, munitions and some assorted goods in a warehouse on the north side of downtown. He believes, and convey's this to the PC's, that the goods will be moved by Monday morning, so the job has a timeline. He also relayes a few known security concerns in the neighborhood, and reveals that due to repeated vandalism that the traffic drones in the area are pulled after dark and on the weekend. He also states that if nothing else no one should possess these goods if the PC's can not recover it.The players agree to take the job, and agree to 3,000¥ in payment. Half up front, the other half on the other side.

The players spend the first day performing recon of the target area. They discover through careful leg work several things-ere are between 6 and 8 Ring members inside the warehouse, and they have between 4 and 5 street kids serving as look outs on the streets surrounding the warehouse. They manage to discover that the gang has booby trapped the roof on the adjacent factory building (Which is abandoned, and derelict), and that the building has very lo-tech security approach-pit bulls! No cameras, nothing hi tech. The rigger makes good use of his drones and discovers that in the apartment complex facing the warehouse the gang has assumed control of three apartments on the corner, and have set up a snipers nest.

To balance this however there is a large public event occurring over the weekend at a nearby film school, and there is a homeless shelter and soup kitchen nearby. This is handy and allows them to press flesh with some of the vagrants on the down and out, with some liberal application of some cheap synthahol, street drugs and nicsticks that there is definitely a series of underground escape passageways used by the gang. But no one has any specifics. The players spend a night in the rain, on a nearby parking garage watching things.

They settle on this plan of action: They decide to contact their Fixer and arrange for call girls to be sent to the gang bangers at the warehouse, whom they had previous heard complain about not being able to bring in fleshy entertainment while standing watch to their superior. After giving the ganger's sometime to settle in the move up onto the roof, bypassing the simple trip-lines and because they don't kill dogs, they use less than lethal munitions to take the dogs down. But one of the gangers pops out just then to check on things, and they need to take him down fast. A damned risky maneuver on the part of Rowdy-he basically jumped off a third story landing onto the ganger, and some damn lucky die rolling ends up knocking the ganger out, and only doing some light damage to Rowdy.

After scouting the main floor they realize the gangers have a hidie hole in the basement sub-level. Buck decides to kick the tires and light the fires, and pumps two fragmentation grenades into the basement. I'll be honest I wasn't quite expecting that. He pretty much managed pretty much mess up...well everyone. Only two people didn't end up dead. One because he was brutally tough, the other because he wasn't in that area. The PC's descend into the area and see the carnage they've wrought. Buck appears unfazed, but the other two definitely look at him in a new light. Rowdy finishes the wounded tough guy-because they pretty much had no way to help. (No one knows D-Train is a former medical student yet.)

As they try to locate the hidden stash they are attacked by the remaining ganger, and a brief but brutal fight ends the only way it can with three on one. The bad news is that ganger managed to call the snipers nest, so the PC's-who had a drone trained on that apartment-learn that reinforcements are on the way. They load the stash as the gang arrives, and use the remainder of the riggers drones to delay them long enough to get out the other side of the warehouse, and on the road, away from the snipers nest. The drones manage to duck and dodge some machine gun fire, and the rigger smartly breaks contact. The gang pursues, and it's off to the races in a classic car chase scene!

The car chase was, from a mechanics stand point the most difficult part of the game to run. Keeping track of both combat, and vehicle positioning was a little bit distracting. But we pulled it off. It was several rounds long, and it was pretty back and forth but in the end they manage to trash the opposition's vehicles, but they do not manage to kill any of them. They also managed to break combat before the prescripted time I had planned on police response showing up in that part of town.

After making the delivery the PC's are paid the rest of their cut, and despite being a little rough around the edges they are generally just a little lighter on the ammunition. (And in a lot of trouble with a certain Bosnian pimp.)

Feel free to ask specific questions or give me comments, obviously this isn't a complete blow by blow of each scene, but it is a comprehensive overview of game one.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:39 am
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Post Game 2 Planning: Red Sum and the Star
Synopsis: The game will start with the fall out from the previous game, with their Fixer arranging a meet between the PC's and the Bosnian's who loaned the PC's their working girls. Assuming this doesn't degenerate into a running gun fight, the Bosnian's will ask for compensation for the loss of their six prostitutes. They want the players to snatch a Yakuza street doctor, who they think could seriously bolster their prostitution and extortion rackets.

The Meet: The Bosnian's will show up at about 15 minutes before the meet, and will arrive three deep in two vehicles. One vehicle, a large super duty truck will have one of the Bosnian's, with an automatic standing over watch. The other two will be a in a up scale sedan, and only one of them will be armed. The unarmed is the leader, and will negotiate with the players.

Assuming the meet doesn't degenerate into a running gun battle the players will be offered a chance to make things right, and even make some extra cash, and gain a contact. (The Bosnian Pimp) If it does turn into a gun battle, they'll gain an enemy who will seek them out and try to kill them.

The Job: The Bosnian's want the PC's to locate and acquire Dr. Yoshihiko Takano, a Yakuza funded street doctor and deliver him to them.

It's all in the details:

Dr. Dr. Yoshihiko Takano is a drunken, discredited medical doctor who lost his license because he killed a patient through malpractice while drunk. While in the process of getting drunk enough to find the courage to commit ritual suicide the Yakuza stumbled upon him, and a Shingiin decided they could make better use of him than lady death. They cleaned the doctor up, and took him out of the country, bringing him to the Seattle area. They keep him in a condo on the southeast side where they can wheel him out whenever they need him to work.

The doctor is a skilled, and highly educated cutter and has helped the Yakuza completely turn around their prostitution rackets, as well as modifying their street soldiers and anyone who can pay, and is in the Yak's good graces.

The Yakuza tightly regulates his drinking, and strictly forbids drug intake. They do however allow him to gamble at Pachinko parlor they control. He lives alone in a condo, that is also controlled by the Yakuza and whenever he goes anywhere he is basically escorted by two low level Yakuza soldiers.

The Condo Complex:

Located on Minor Ave E. and E. Louisa St. the Condo Complex is a four story, multiple occupant building. Currently of the 9 condo's all are occupied by "Guests", visiting Yakuza and Yakuza associates.

Physical Plant: All exterior windows have reinforced frames, and one way glass. But they do open, and they are not alarmed. Exterior doors are also reinforced are protected by Maglock passkeys. There is a eight foot wooden classical style Japanese fence that surrounds three sides of the building, but there are untrimmed trees next to the fence on both sides. There is a CCTV system in place that monitors the main entry, and the unattached garage stall out back. A third camera is inside the lobby where residents enter. All of these can be monitored by the door man, or remote parties.

The door man is a rotating position, staffed by a Yakuza associate or low level soldier. They work eight hour shifts, and are armed with collapsible batons, and usually a heavy pistol. Behind the desk is a scatter gun, and they have instructions to call for back up if anything pops off.

Magical Security: The condo complex is patrolled by a bound spirit (Force 5) that has instructions to keep the peace. It's only serious and specific set of instructions are to keep an eye on the doctor while he is in the condo's.

GM Note

I need to figure out what kind of spirit I'll use here.

Matrix Security:

I doubt my team will touch on this.

Behind the Scenes:

The players will not know this but they'll be operating on a time schedule. The doctor has been targeted for extraction by Aztechnology-but since he's a low priority target they're only detailing a small team to pull it off. Three men, and one woman-official Aztlan stringers. (This group consists of an adept, a shamanic adept, a rigger and a street sam.)

Aztechnology has decided the good doctor fits the profile for a project they're putting together. The doctor is one of many potential assets to be acquired by the company. The team has set up in a mobile command boat, out on the lake-where they can monitor both the Pachinko Parlor and the doctor's condo with relative ease. They are not authorized to use public force-and should they be publicly sighted their orders are to break contact, and conduct surveillance from a safe distance utilizing drones.

They'll be equipped with a variety of nonlethal tech in an effort to minimize their signature. Though they have live ammo, they'll wait until they are in real danger before switching over.

Environmental Concerns:

Weather: It's been raining for the week prior to the game but the PC's will catch a break-sun shine and cool weather for the week window they have to pull the job. At the end of one week, the weather will break and storms will move in.

Law enforcement/Gang presence: The Yakuza has a tight grip on this neighborhood, the police don't come around unless some serious drek is going down. (Automatic weapons and grenades come to mind...) There are no random street crimes in this neighborhood,, but non Asian's will face great scrutiny from the Yakuza affiliates and neighborhood residents.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:40 am
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Post Game 2 After Action
The player characters meet with the Bosnian's, and readily agreed to taking a job to make up for basically murdering the Bosnian's six prostitutes. They pretty readily see that the other option is war with the Bosnian's and pretty easily decide they'd rather make friends than enemies. After getting some basic Intel on the doctor they decide to make recon. Their recon is pretty thorough, and they manage a couple lucky roles by their Face on some simple searches. They make a damned lucky decision to immediately recon the area, and like clock work they see the good doctor on his way to the Pachinko Parlor, with his escort. They hit a damned lucky series of die rolls, and also manage to spot the second team that's scoping the doctor out.

They decide to split the group after a confrontation with a neighborhood gang of toughs, that were Yakuza affiliated and hassling them about not being Japanese. They manage to escalate and deescalate the situation, and break contact. But because one of the players flashed a piece at the gangers, they decide to follow the PC's. They manage to pick up on the group, but only after it split, and the player character who flashed the gun is back at the area of operations. So they follow on motorcycle-and the PC's fail pretty epic on several roles, so don't notice them until they're surrounding the stolen vehicle they've acquired. The combat goes pretty badly for them, and they end crashing, rolling the vehicle a few times. The good news is the gangers pretty much assume they're FUBAR'ed-and becasue they lost two bikes in the crash-no serious damage to the riders, but the bikes were pretty smashed up.

They survive the crash, and get back on track with the die rolls and come out with minimal damage-but their car is toast. Luckily they're pretty close to their destination, so they abandon it, and finish obtaining the few items they need to pull of their plan.

In the mean time it quickly become clear that the park they have designated as their operations area has been previously scheduled for a community event. This is good because they figure the large crowd can help them, but they also realize it severely limits what they can use with out drawing attention to themselves. Because they're set up first they also manage-again with the damned good die rolls on their part-to spot the other team as it sets up. It quickly becomes clear to them that the other team has a better plan, and they decide the hell with it, let them do the leg work and then hit them when they snatch the doctor. Smart plan.

Bad guys start mixing it up, and because they get the drop on them it's a pretty brief and brutal combat. They snag the doctor and manage to get out with out even killing anyone. They made great use of non lethal tactics and munitions. They also took care not to wipe out members of the public. Add in a lack of security coverage they pulled off a damned good op.

They almost manage to run into approaching Yakuza reinforcements-but bad rolls on the yak's part, and smart thinking on their part means they manage to extract to their planned escape and evasion route with out problem. They make the exchange, dropping the doctor off and that's where we ended.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:41 am
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Post Game 3
Synopsis: The PC's have a contact named Angel Lopez, who is a Street Doc that runs a free street clinic out of her veterinarian clinic. She contacts one of the PC's and tells them that her niece, Maya Lopez a bike courier has been missing for 48 hours. She implores the PC’s to rescue the girl, and if pressed she will reveal that one of the PC’s is the girl’s father.

Orientation: The girl was a bike courier for Emerald City Courier’s, running a regular route along the northern edge of Bellevue and the edge of Redmond-crossing between the two parts of the city. Her bike was originally Lojacked, like many couriers however she pulled the GPS unit, claiming frequent damage as an excuse. This section of the city is a mixture of industrial and office space.

Major Terrain Features in the area include: Highways 520 and 908 are both elevated four lane, multitiered highways. The environment is very hilly, making LOS from block to difficult. Marymoor Park is also in the area; and finally at the northern edge of the map is a Mitsuhama Drone Production Facility. The Sammamish River bisects both highways running from the Park northward.

Weather prior to this operation has been sunny and warm, but now that it’s October the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It’s raining and a brisk 57° F during the day, dropping to 43° on average during the night. The weather will become severe thunderstorms on Oct 3rd, lasting three days, after which the weather will again switch to dry and cool.

Situation: Maya Lopez was assignment when she decided to check out a new eatery that recently opened the area. After getting herself a Kaf and a bagel she spotted someone trying to snag her bike. She didn’t realize it was a set up and while she argued with the street kid trying to steal her bike-which was parked in the alley across the street a white utility van pulled up and she was snatched by a Ghoul ripper gang, that plans on spanking her a lot, then eating her and selling the better parts to Tamanous. They have a hideout in the Barrens, which is a six story abandoned apartment building they’ve made numerous improvements to the building to make it dangerous for interlopers, and trespassers. The Ghouls make use of their natural gifts-there is no natural lighting inside the building, and there a number of barriers inside the building preventing easy lines of sight and approach.

For the first 72 hours (So 24 hours after the PC’s learn about the girl’s disappearance the Ghoul’s will simply do really horrible things to her and the other victims. (Six in total.) At the 73 hour mark they’ll begin processing the males, removing usable vital organs and tissue for resale. This will take approximately 6 hours per victim, and there are 4 males. (So 24 more hours.) Then they’ll start on the three women. Because they use only the minimal amount of hygiene and chemicals to keep their victims from thrashing about this tends to be a really loud process.


The Skin Walkers: Consisting of 12 Ghoul’s (10 Male and 2 Female) and 10 other metahumans (8 Male and 2 Female; 8 Orks and 2 Humans.) they make their living kidnapping and processing their victims for resale to Tamanous. They also sometimes work as muscle for hire, but they are too reviled to sell anything proper. Rather they rip off people and resale what they can, and keep what they can’t. They’re great at close quarters combat, and they’re armed with a variety of small arms, and melee weapons. They’re filthy at pretty much all times, and their attitudes often match their appearance.

The Burien Apartments: A Six story brick building, this was once gutted by a fire and only partially rebuilt. The gang has occupied this space for about three years now, and has extensively rebuilt the building to meet their needs. All of the main floor entrances and exits, and windows have been barricaded. While these barricades could be removed they’d require a chainsaw, and other construction grade tools and often several hours. All of these barricades have also been booby trapped. These will be designated on the map. The main floor itself is a maze of booby traps. They use the third and fourth floors as holding pens, and they’ve built a variety of effective cages, and have a number of high grade animal cages as well. These cages are generally filthy, being washed out with fire hoses. Anyone spending more than a few hours in them runs the risk of catching a variety of diseases, as well as lice and fleas, and a host of vermin. Devil Rats and more mundane vermin are common place in these areas.

The fifth floor is the processing center, and pretty much the cleanest part of the whole building. They’ve liberated tile floors and walls from run down food processing factories, and hoisted up flood lights and other lighting. They have a scrub room, which is basically a shower without curtains, a drain in the floor and dirty scrubs hanging from hooks. They have some recording equipment set up as well, hoping to sell footage as Snuff Sims-but lack the equipment to mass produce these horrifying films. They have a large assortment of surgical grade tools, which they clean in a dishwasher on a semi regular basis. They have a sound system set up that they blare music on when they work. There are two cages on this floor for holding victims awaiting processing.

The sixth floor is the residential area, a haphazard assembly of rooms the gangers live in. They have a common area where they have a large amount of consumer electronics, a few couches and is pretty much where they hang out when they’re bored and not doing stuff. There is a large amount of stolen items in this area ranging from household drones to munitions.

The entirety of the building is the domain of a twisted toxic hearth spirit that goes by the name of Knemus, that is a force 6 toxic hearth spirit and as twisted as the Ghouls who reside here.

Execution: Angel will have no resources to provide the characters with; she has no information to provide them and pretty much is not much help in any significant way.

Administration and Logistics: Tamanous will pick up their product at +120 hours from the kidnapping. The product will be processed and placed into sterile (Mostly) containers, and loaded into a cargo van they have stashed across the street. They’ll meet Tamanous at a location in the Barrens, where they’ll exchange the processed parts for payment. Tamanous comes in heavy, with a lot of armed and magically active security.

Command and Signal: The Ghoul’s all have commlink’s but there is a limited amount of AR available in this part of Redmond. They primarily use code words and verbal commands to communicate. The primary gang members have motorcycles, although several use quads and sidecars. They never travel in numbers less than three.

Angel will, once notified, ask that Maya be taken to a clinic she believes can help her. If she’s dead she’ll be distraught but will ask that the remains be given to her forper burial.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:41 am
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Post Game 3 After Action
So the players did a pretty decent job resolving this game. Working off of very little knowledge they put in a lot of leg work, hitting a few dead ends-but smart thinking on their part meant as each dead end came up they had already opened a new avenue of approach. After eliminating the girl's fellow employee,s and employer as a suspect, and then eliminating customers on the route they were pretty intuitive-and guessed correctly that this was likely a snatch and grab by some sort of group selling illicit body parts. They subcontracted some computer research and eventually figured out that this wasn't the first victim, and victimology also helped them figure out that whoever was doing this had a specific hunting area, and a definite preference for certain phenotype's.

They got some good roles, and keyed onto the various camera systems on the routes and actually deduced on their own a few they wanted to start with-which included a CCTV circuit that had a direct view of the kidnapping. They tried to track the van's plates-but that was a dead end, but they did have better luck with a gang symbol painted on a rear door, and were able to identify the Skin Walker's as the likely culprit's. While waiting on their subcontractor they decided to just start touring the Skin Walker's last known haunts, and key in on a single occupancy dwelling near the hide out as a potential target. As they move in on the single occupancy dwelling they are spotted by a Skin Walker sniper, on the roof top. He botches a tactical decision, and just opens up on them hitting the Street Samurai. The Gun Adept returns fire, with a silenced weapon and nails the die roll-his die rolls were awesome all night long, great luck on his part yesterday! He manages to nail the sniper before he can make a better decision and call for help.

Now realizing that the single occupancy home was likely a red herring, they split up and scout the six story gang hide out from the ground. They quickly determine that it's booby trapped at several possible entry points, and decide clearing it from the top down makes better sense.

It's here they realize they have no climbing gear, or rope. But the Gun Adept had spotted some hoses in a graveyard earlier, that was nearby during the scout of the neighborhood. So they decide to try and chance him free climbing, and using the hose to pull up the others. it's a pretty risky maneuver and we settle on an extended climbing test, with a pretty harsh threshold. He manages to just barely pull it off, and the other players manage to also score enough hits to make a semi assisted climb. (One did have to burn a point of edge to make it because he was defaulting.)

On the roof they see that the sniper was alone, and they were lucky that he hadn't broken the LMG they had in a tarp out. (I rolled pretty poorly for the NPC's all night. Poor bastards.)

They recover a tank of propane from the BBQ grill the gangers Ork members use to cook out with, and as they're rigging it to blow someone finally comes to check on the sniper-who hasn't checked in for a while. They manage to get the drop on him, but as dead-man's trigger action he pops off a burst to warn the others.

They know the element of surprise is blown, and decide to give the gang the first move, waiting to see if they flood up the stairwell where they'd be easier targets in a contained area. But as it quickly becomes apparent this isn't going to happen they decide they can't risk blowing a hole through the roof and breaching that way as they don't know where the girl is. So against their better judgment they make their way down.

They end up engaging a team of Ork's and make pretty quick work of them-and it's here we hit a few mechanical issues. We stuck tot he 45 second rule, and luckily Chrome Tiger has a really cool IPAD with a neat search function so he could keep playing, while it searched.

Moving quickly now, because the last gun battle got loud they know they're on a clock. As they clear the area the manage to spot an ambush as it's being set up, and use the propane tank to both blind and damage them, but this sets the building on fire, and blows a hole through the floor. Spotting his daughter below them, D-Train the Face character, leaps headlong into the fray and ends up taking a shotgun blast to the chest that messes him up pretty good.

They are engaged in force, but through better tactics, way luckier die rolls-I ended up having them roll for me at a few points, but apparently the six sided gawds were not meant to be on my side this game. They all end up a little shot, and the girl ends missing a hand-but they manage to maul the gangers, eventually killing them all. They discover that there are more hostages, which they settle on freeing and a large stash of stolen goods which they decide to abscond with.

All in all it was a great game. They played their characters really well-and there was some funny scenes where it really highlighted the difference between their Face and their semi-homeless Street Samurai. And a hilarious bout of cross dressing that paid off-and showed great creativity on the part of the players!

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:42 am
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Post Game 4 Game and After Action
Synopsis: A Vory safe house has been hit by what looks like a ring of dirty cops. Griggs wants the PCs to send them a message. There are four officers the Vory has targeted for a very public execution, and two for blackmail and they want the PC’s to do it.

Situation: Lt. Robert Whitfield and his team of Knight Errant Drug Enforcement agents are on the take. They’ve been skimming money from drug busts here and there, as well as extorting money from dealers and street gangs. Two weeks ago they hit a Vory safe house ripping the Russian’s off to the tune of 4 million in hard currency and certified credsticks, and bearer bonds.

His team has stashed the money in an old Lone Star evidence locker, that’s inside a precinct house that’s being transitioned and remodeled for Knight Errant usage. Because it’s staffed with a skeleton crew Whitfield’s team has a pretty free run of the place. While not the senior ranking officer at the precinct house Whitfield is not in the normal chain of command.

Whitfield’s team consist of 4 men: 1 Troll, 2 Orks and a human. All are veteran officers, with experience in combat situations and many are prior military.

Mission: Griggs wants the players to set up Whitfield’s team, and brutally execute them. He also wants them to recover blackmail material from the precinct house they can use to extort Whitfield, and his second in command Sgt. William Fox-who works from the precinct as Whitfield’s hacker/rigger and desk sergeant.


Administration and Logistics: Whitfield and his team have homes of record, but all also have a multitude of safe houses and crash pads. They pretty clearly live outside their listed lifestyles. All of them own flashy cars, and clothes. All of them have several mistresses.

Command and Signal:

As you can see my prep work, which I did an hour before game was pretty light. I wish I had a convenient place to store images online, because I'd start linking maps to these threads. every game I write ends up having at least three to six handouts, plus hand drawn maps

So the group consisted of the following Dramatis personæ:

  • Maxsym: A paraplegic rigger/hacker who operates remotely-rarely if ever making a personal appearance; who got his start literally playing the massively multiplayer online Shadowrun game, and playing with remote control drones. he has a familial connection to the Vory v Zakone.
  • Spence-our half Japanese gun adept, who doesn't yet realize he has awakened talent, and is still endeavoring to repay the Yakuza for the gambling debts incurred by his now deceased father.
  • Jamie 6-a guest player showed up, and played a Mage! Jamie 6 is a streetwise player, who's been brought in because of the serious nature of the opposition, and the realistic possibility that they have magical back up.

The players were very reluctant to accept this job. Killing cops is never a good idea, and blackmailing them is risky at it's best. But they decide the score is worth too much to pass up, and set about locating everything they can on them. They quickly uncover a series of safe houses used by the officers in question. They hack into the security systems in several of them and set up surveillance. This actually went pretty well for them.

They also set up several search programs and engines to recover whatever public data they could, and in the process discover that the team of crooked cops is assigned to a precinct house that's under reconstruction. Deciding to set up surveillance there too, they decide to disguise themselves as part of the construction crew, and enter on the weekend when traffic for both the few cops assigned there, and the construction team was at it's lightest. However this was also exactly when Whitfield's team, minus him and his second were getting ready to move the money, having found a better place to invest it, and hide it.

The players basically stumble onto this situation, and make a call. Spence and Jamie 6 make their move, supported by what little logistics Maxsym can back them up with. Two of the officers manage to subdue and restrain Spence, but he manages to slip his cuffs and snatches a weapon from one of them. He ends up killing them in the elevator. Jamie 6 has a prolific battle with the other two,and luckily Spence is able to return to help him with the spirit that was also interjected into the combat. The ensuing gun and magic battle ends with all of the cops biting it, but both Jamie 6 and Spence are messed up really good too.

The team recovers the money, and manages to even resist the temptation to skim from it and return it to Griggs. Because of their wounds Griggs offers to take over the rest. It was one part they were FUBARed, but we also ran out of time in the session. So it was the best place to end it.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:43 am
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Post Game 5
Synopsis: The PC’s have been pretty successful to date, and now Griggs has decided they’re ready for the big time. The Vory has been contracted to perform an extraction and plant job by Saotome Aquadome is building an underwater mining complex off the coast of Athabaskan Council, near the city of Yakutat.

Orientation: Yakutat is North and West of Juneau, and is located at the mouth of Yakatut Bay-along the coast between Monti Bay, Puget Cove and Shipyard Cove. Although Geographically a large city its population is currently slightly less than 4,000-with a very large percentage of that being metahumans of all varieties. The recent influx of Saotome money and by proxy EVO money means more and more outsiders are found inside the small city.
There are three VSTOL capable Airports’, and a single traditional Air Port that while originally built in World War II has been maintained updated several times over the years, allowing it to handle most commercial grade traffic on its two runways. There also four heliports, and docking facilities a large variety of both small and large ships. The cities AR Network is being upgraded but can handle most of the standard needs of the team, and the public at large. The further from the city you get, however the worse the AR Network becomes.

Yakutat is also home to a small Coast Guard Station, and an Athabaskan Naval Weather Research Facility. The Coast Guard rotates several Search and rescue Cutters, and a single Interdiction Cutter. The Naval Station doesn’t maintain a permanent presence of ships, but several of the Weathermen are Magically Active Shamans or Shamanic Adepts. A number of EVO cargo ships are operating in the area, as well as construction vessels which has prompted them to station an ELINT platform in the area (Operating unofficially), as well as two Interdiction Capable crafts. There are also several Ares ships operating in the area of Kodiak Island, and the Spaceport-but unless responding to distress calls they will not operate in the area normally. Because the weather is so unpredictably dangerous it’s unusual to operate aircraft for extended periods in this area. Even drone operation carries a lot of risk.

Yakutat is also a stop along a number of smuggling routes-as such there is a small but organized Underworld in the city. The Vory ruthlessly controls the scene, but several other syndicates do maintain a limited presence in the city, or in Juneau.
The city is bordered on one side by the Pacific Ocean, and on the other three by steep mountainous terrain that is often inhospitable, and covered in several feet of snow and ice. The terrain is rugged and heavily forested with a wide variety of flora and fauna-both of the mundane and awakened nature.

Temperatures during the window of operations traditionally range from 30 to 40° F, with 5 to 20 inches of precipitation –some of that snow-more as you go deeper into the mountains. The temperatures fall at night, especially when winds are factored in.

Situation: Saotome Aquadome has begun construction on a significant underwater arcology structure. One of the Engineer’s is a Kevin Foye, a world renowned Environmental Engineer, who specializes in building in hostile environments. He’s an SA Employee who’s worked in a number of hostile climates. The Vory have agreed to take on a job from Saeder Krupp to hire a team to extract Foye, and replace him with a man who’s been surgically altered to be nearly identical to the Engineer. In turn the Vory have turned to Griggs to locate a team to accomplish this job.
He’ll approach the team and offer them the job, presenting the “Plant” as a subcontractor whom they need to get inside the still under construction facility. He’s quite capable of assisting them in with a variety of technical tasks, but will claim to be incapable of all but the most basic combat capabilities.

Mission: Enter the Yakatut Arcology and extract Kevin Foye, PhD. Aid the subcontractor in gaining access to the facility. This operation is to be kept as quiet as possible, as drawing attention to it would mean failure to achieve their objectives.

Execution: The players will be facilitated with several items to aid in their execution of this mission:

• False Credentials that will list them as Confederated American Geologist’s and Environmental Specialist’s working for Savannah Surveyor’s-a Georgia based private Geological firm.
• If they choose to accept transportation, arrangements will be made to transport them via conventional means-but their restricted and forbidden gear will have to be shipped separately.
• They’ll be given access to a Vory safe house at the edge of the city, and usage of an all terrain Vehicle. They’ll also be given a weathered ship and a berth at the local port.

They can potentially negotiate for more, but this could affect their bottom line.

Administration and Logistics: If the PC’s accept the Vory arrangements they’ll be comfortably transported from Seattle directly to Yakatut. The Vory will make arrangements for their false identification, and have preexisting arrangements with customs and border security. Once in Yakatut, they’ll be delivered to the safe house, and allowed to operate as they see fit within reason.

Their contact in Yakatut will be an Ork Viktor Kalev, a procurer of all things big and small and a genial natured Ork, who will help earnestly-within the limits of his mission. He has extensive contacts within the Saotome Aquadome construction crew that’s trying to erect the Arcology as rapidly as possible.(Under the conditions not an easy task.)
Saotome Aquadome: SA has erected a structure that is very similar to a portable oil derrick that serves as the off shore construction base of operations and headquarters. Crews work one week on, and one week off and are shuttled out by boat from town. They’ve managed to rough in the frame of the building, and have even begun to make airtight hulls in some areas that can safely accommodate crews working on the interior. Each construction crew member is screened, and has a RFID enabled security pass card they wear somewhere on their work overalls or tool harnesses. Because there is little actual proprietary data to be found, and the remote; inhospitable and dangerous environment that the construction is occurring under Security is relatively light. (For now.)

In town the construction crews are being housed in portable modular housing units, and those that can afford it have purchased better accommodation sin the town proper. SA has contracted with a local company to provide shuttle services, and because of the influx of company employees the Athabaskan Council has sent the Sheriff 10 Deputies to provide extra coverage. They’ve also had to force SA to pay for two modular cells to be added to the city jail-which until the addition of the secure wing was literally a century old structure. Crews wear color coded winter jackets and helmets to help designate their section or trade.
• Red for Boilermaker’s, Welder’s and anyone who works with natural gas or petrochem operations
• Blue for Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters and other skilled tradesmen.
• Yellow for anyone who works general construction.
• Orange for drivers, heavy equipment operators, and pilots.
• Green for Architects, Designers, and degreed workers. (This currently includes the secretarial pool as well.)
• Black for security and EVO proper employees. Black bands or stripes designate armed employees on other colors.
• Brown for Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology and Harmony Specialist’s. (Magically Active Employees are lumped here unless they’re working for security.)

This is not strictly enforced off the work site, but many workers simply wear the jackets because they’re free, and convenient.

SA Security is well trained, but currently devotes most of its effort towards keeping track of rival corporate ELINT platforms, and a wary eye towards the Ares presence in the area. They do have some assets in place in town proper, but most of its attention is focused on keeping vital employees out of trouble with the locals. They generally obey local weapons, and security legislation. They tend not to wear their uniforms unless they need a Show of Force. They will try to track and capture through nonlethal methods before using Deadly Force. They are working cordially with local authorities, but there is obviously tension.

Local Organized Crime maintains a small presence, and as such takes great pains to keep violence at a minimum-relying on the weather and the environment to be the killer, rather than violence-which they rightly feel will draw too much attention from Tribal authorities.

Command and Signal: Griggs will ensure that the PC’s have the ability to contact Viktor, as well as leaving them information for anonymous drop box to contact him. He’ll also be willing to set up an E&E route that Viktor doesn’t know about.

It is possible that the PC’s can hack into the Saotome Aquadome external communications, but on site communications are encrypted, and due to weather and its location under water this is significantly more difficult.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:43 am
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Post Game 5 After Action
Again I wish I could post my maps.

This game see's the following Dramatis personæ:

Buck: Our resident homeless war veteran street samurai
D-Train: Our face.
Django: A new character played by a guest player! A not too bright, greasy looking elven gunslinger adept-who also happens to have some limited computer skills.. fits right in huh?

So the PC's are contacted by Griggs, who offers them the job. They actually seemed pretty excited by the idea of some out of town action. Haven been given a limited operational budget, and some money up front they use the 24 hours before they need to leave to get cold weather gear, something none of them have. they quickly agree that none of them can reasonably expect to make an arctic dive and live, let alone perform in a useful fashion. So they know their infiltration will take a limited number of avenues.

They settle on starting with a public data search on their target, his corporation and the area of operations. They manage to uncover a great deal on his background-but they do find some holes that concern them. A series of lucky die rolls gets them a little bit of information, and they're correct in guessing that more is in play than they know. They also discover that the aquacology is still under construction which means it is unlikely to have an established security sheath, which they rightly speculate may work in their favor.

During the movement from Seattle they discover their subcontractor is obviously keeping some secrets from them, and they become concerned they are being used to do something more than just get him inside, and extract Foye. But they settle on keeping their concerns to themselves.

In Yakutat proper they start with a long talk with their contact, who is surprisingly useful. They then make an aerial reconnaissance of the area, and correctly surmise they can't just air drop in with out turning this into a blood bath they'd be unlikely to survive. They also start planning their escape and evasion routes.

Returning to rest up and recuperate from their travels they decide to get out into town, and see what they can find out from the locals. They also decide they'll need to confront their subcontractor at some point. That evening the Face manages some great rolls, and they find three individuals who meet their needs, and manage to get talk the already intoxicated engineers into accompanying them out of the bar. (Ah the promises of cheap women and drinks. And solid false credentials...) They manage to subdue them-which actually was a very funny scene.

"Dude why did you shoot them?"
"It's Gel Rounds, relax."
"Dude, you're a dick. Seriously guys this is what we deal with every day. So I'd suggest you juust talk before he shoots one of you or me, again."
"Seriously you're a dick."

Heh. maybe you had to be there. At any rate they manage to replicate the RFID tags of their targets, and call in a favor from their contact, Viktor ("I have Nephew who deals with that..."), to sit on the three of them deciding killingg them isn't helpful to their bottom line. Some zip ties, some Laés and black hoods later they leave them tucked away, and under close observation.

They confront their Subcontractor, and realize he's not only been surgically modified, but may be magically active. When they ask too much the NPC actually is forced to cast a few spells on them to Influence them. Because they all are pretty much unprepared to deal with magical threats, this went the NPC's way.

So far everything went to plan. Then a botched die roll during the stage where they stash their weapons to be brought aboard the site,most ends up shipping their weapons out of country. (This was hilarious, and they handled it like champs-never once In Character acknowledging any knowledge of the glitch. "Of course the weapons will be here!") Only later do they manage to find out their container would have been shipped to San Francisco, and are forced to ask a favor of Viktor.)

Once aboard the site, they have three near runs in with security, but each time are able to bluff their way past, or use misdirection to get through it. I was really impressed with their tactics. They had a rough night on the die rolls starting here though. I guess everyone's luck runs out sometime. Eventually locating their target they move to engage him, and end up in a pretty serious combat between them, Foye and his summoned and bound spirits. I botched a rule here, so this might have otherwise played differently.

In the end they manage to disrupt the spirits, and knock out Foye but not before he sets off a security alert. They decide on hiding, and using the plant to lie to security. This actually works, and they are able to exfilitrate to some emergency escape boats, where they manage to over ride the GPS tracker, and systems that would normally alert people to an emergency crafts launch.

Not a bad night at all.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:44 am
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Post Game 6
The Behind the curtains stuff for the game that will occur tomorrow:

Synopsis: The team is contacted by Griggs to be offered a job to ambush a corporate construction site inside Native American Nations territory.

Orientation: This game will start on Friday November 17th, 2073.
Located at 48°15′8″N 121°36′14″W Darrington sits at approximately 554ft. above sea level, and is surrounded by mountains. The tallest of which is Whitehorse with an elevation of 6.852 feet to the southwest and the town sits on a strategic crossroads that provides access to the North Cascades.
Located along what used old highway 530 Darrington is a small town-less than one square mile. Mining and lumber are the town’s primary sources of economic production, although it has a thriving market in telesma, and other natural hand made products. Populated almost exclusively by Native American’s the town is wary of outsiders, and distrustful of pink skins. The town sits between Shidhe and Cascade Crow territory.

Weather this time of year is wet, with light to heavy rains. On Monday November 22nd, 2073 heavy rains will begin, with temperatures ranging from 37°F to 45°F during the day time, and falling to as low as 33°F during the nights. At higher elevations there is definitely an ice risk on roadways.

Situation: The local tribal’s have come under increasing pressure by Takai-Benguet Mining, a Mitsuhama subsidiary, to open up negotiations allowing increased access to the town’s natural resources. Environmental laws are strict, and as such the town makes heavy usage of ecologically harmonious techniques to run its mines and harvest wood for lumber. It has resisted attempts by several Seattle based companies to open up its resources for more rigorous production facilities and is resisting TBM’s attempts so far.

Two months ago they declined to sign a contract allowing negotiations to begin. A week later their water processing plant was rendered inoperable after a shipment of new filters and replacement parts was delayed, forcing the townsfolk to purchase an all new system. A week after that the local Sheriff was killed in what appeared to be a thrill killing-the first in 70 years in this region. Shortly after that at town hall meeting a representative from TBM coyly mentioned that with TBM’s help the townsfolk’s safety could be better assured, expressing the company’s deepest sympathies for their increasing troubles with supplies, and the loss of their Sheriff. Then the raids began. Panicked the townsfolk tried to contact the Salish Tribal Authorities, but have been shuffled from one tribal office to another. Then three weeks ago they found out Mitsuhama had struck a deal with the STC to begin construction on an ecologically sound weather monitoring station in the mountains outside the village. Realizing that was just a foot in the door, and that they had to act they began to contact individuals they knew in the Cascade Orks. Who directed them to Vory, inside Seattle proper.
As such they’ve turned to the city for help, managing to find Griggs. The Vory have agreed to take on this job, in exchange for access to telesma for resale, and the usage of several old mines as safe houses.

TBM has quickly begun construction of its weather monitoring and geological surveying station on Whitehorse. They are moving prefabricated buildings, and equipment into the area. They’ll be beginning construction on the south face, at an elevation of about 4000ft.

Security is currently a layered multitiered apparatus:

• A 2.5 meter fence surrounds the facility on three sides, and on the fourth side they rely upon a natural terrain obstacle. (A nearly sheer vertical cliff that drops nearly 550 feet.) The main gate is a remote operated by the guard shack by the gate, or from the security shack on the grounds.
• Drones: The facility is ringed by five LTA drones that are set up solely to monitor the area. They have sensors and no weaponry. They communicate with (4) Hachiman style drones, and (4) Strato-9 style drones for aerial support. All armed with a combination of less than lethal munitions and at least a single primary lethal weapon..
• A small on site contingent of Mercenary’s. Not TBM security proper these are a small squadron from a merc unit known as KAS Enterprises, based out of South Africa. (An Azanian based outfit operating in Tsimshian Protectorate has detached Small reinforced squads to accept contracts throughout the region.). They operate the drones, and man the gate and a prefabricated security building. They rarely patrol at night, unless they feel they have good reason they’ll stay out of inclement weather too. They are armed with a combination of lethal and less than lethal weaponry. They have a single Mage.
• Back Up: The Merc’s or the Station manager can summon Mitsuhama forces as back up in a case of extreme emergency. It will take between 4 and 6 hours for them to arrive.
Beyond that they rely on the harsh terrain, inaccessibility and inclement weather to keep trespassers at bay. Currently TBM has a staff of 60 construction workers, and 10 engineers on the ground. They sleep inside the perimeter in Quonset Huts. They operate most of the heavy machinery, and machinery drones. (Six large earth movers remain on station, awaiting shipment out of the area.)

Should the PC’s choose to explore this route there are six employees that are extremely vulnerable to exploitation. Obviously entertainment, alcohol, drugs, gambling and chips are welcome by the employees who are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with little entertainment but these six are especially susceptible to exploitation:

• Zachary Hemsey-M-Ork-25: A construction equipment operator who has a severe gambling and drinking problem.
• Justin Jones-Human-M-35: A Heavy Equipment Operator who is a dyed in the wool Humanis Policlub member. He is a true believer, with a history of violence.
• Rick Rodgers-Troll-M-21: A basic laborer he is a skilled musician who has a chip habit, and a fake S.I.N.
• Jon Kent-Human-M-55: An environmental engineer, and a sexual deviant. He is extremely into BDSM. He is also in debt to a Vancouver Triad because of his habits.
• Sarah Silverman-Elf-F-45: A medical technician who’s selling medical supplies to various workers, and when she can on the black market.
• Jenna Small-Dwarf-F-26: A security and industrial who’s been selling trade secrets to a Saeder Krupp subsidiary.

The Mercenary Unit is pretty well paid, well equipped, well disciplined with skilled leadership. They’ll fight but they’re not suicidal. They’ve also managed to stash a fighting vehicle in the supply shed that only a few employees and the Merc’s know is there.

Mission: Close with the enemy forces, and harass their lines. Harass enemy personnel and destroy as much construction equipment as possible. The goal is to make this site so costly Mitsuhama won’t want to stay. The townsfolk know that if the site doesn’t meet certain contractual obligations by the two week mark TBM will lose their contract.

Execution: The townsfolk are willing to entertain any action that does not involve seriously damaging the environment, or endangers them. They will also not condone wholesale murder. Should the PC’s decide on wholesale murder they’ll contact tribal authorities.

Administration and Logistics: The townsfolk have pooled their resources, and are willing to pay each player 25,000¥ a piece, plus they can pay for food and minor conveniences while they are in Darrington. They can also provide the players with temporary work visa’s allowing them access to the NAN. (Rating 3/Temporary x 3 months)

If pressed they can provide access to telesma, and even some natural materials produced locally. If the PC’s press for more Grigg’s will intervene and ask them to do as a personal favor this for him.

Command and Signal: Grigg’s will provide the PC’s with a secure channel that they can use to contact him while out of town, and another to the Cascade Orks that they can use in case of emergencies, or if they need support in country. If the group lacks a mage/shaman he’ll provide one.

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Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:45 am
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