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Paul's Real Life Game: Eastern Front Campaign Complete!
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Author:  SeriousPaul [ Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Game 6 After Action!

So in some ways this game was a goat rodeo-but not because of anything the players did wrong. We hit some rules ambiguity and learned a few lessons-which seems to be par for the course but with out further ado the after action report:

Firstly we ended up with five people at the table-a pretty rare but fun treat! So our Dramatis Personae:

  • Maxsym: A drone rigger, who also happens to be (Currently this is unknown to the other PC's) medically infirm, crippled, and a video game aficionado.
  • Django: An eleven trailer trash hillbilly who's a maestro with the handgun.
  • D-Train: The teams face, a grifter, a part time dealer and full time likable guy.
  • Spence-our half Japanese firearms adept.
  • Charlie: Portrayed by our brand new addition guest player-a guy who' hadn't played SR since 1st edition-but who has played in other systems-Charlie is an ex-military type from our pool of characters.

We started the game with Spence being approached by the Yakuza, whom he is in debt to, and being offered a chance to sell out the team in exchange for better standing with the local Gumi, and perhaps a reduction in his debt. Spence stalls for time, letting them think that he's considering their offer.

At the meet the PC's are introduced to locals from Darrington, who appeal to the groups sense of civic responsibility. They outline the job, and they state that they won't be party to a massacre, so they want the team to damage and destroy equipment, and generally make the operation too unprofitable to continue. Combined with a knowing look from their fixer they settle on taking the job but for less than they'd have normally tried to charge. (In part this influenced by the groups environmentally sympathetic feelings, and their anti-corporate beliefs.) After the locals split the fixer reveals that he's planning on using several old gold mines in Darrington as secure storage sites for a variety of illicit goods coming in and out of Seattle, so he'll pick up the rest of their tab if they need it that way, or remember them when it comes time. They settle on the latter.

One thing the locals provide them with is temporary work visas that will help with the border crossing-but they'r upfront with the fact that they can't help get anything serious across the border. (LMG's, explosives, etc...) After doing some research on the region the PC's settle on a pretty simple ruse. They purchase hunting permits for several in season species, and procure hunting and camping supplies to help flesh out their cover. They also do some background work on the TBM-the mining company and discover that they tend to use mercenary's as security and that this site is on a time limit with the Sovereign Tribal Council and their parent corporation Mitsuhama-they have two weeks to complete construction, and show that they can operate with in a certain budget they'll have to close down.

They push a drone forward to monitor the area-and it manages to get some okay aerial footage. They try to get a line on some personnel but because the operation is so new they aren't successful. They also do a lot of research on border crossings trying to find the sweet spot. A place that has a high personnel turnover, bad weather, and a remote location. Armed with all that they secure a truck and load up-spending some time hiding equipment, and head out. A pretty pathetic set of die rolls on my part means they manage to cross with out too much problems, and make their way into Darrington.

Once there they settle on a course of guerrilla action, and find a local guide to help them make their way up into the mountains, and luckily the weather is just poor. They use this as cover to make their way up. An encounter with some awakened wild life later they managed to get into position. It's here we discovered what a sniper with great cover and concealment and a plan can do! (I got my ass handed to me!) They start with equipment damage-small stuff-lighting, water pumps, locking devices, etc...But then decide that they're going to try and tap into the central wireless network after Maxsym starts subverting and accessing the wireless network. Here's where we hit a series of bumps-woof the rigging and hacking rules are just organized like crap.

Charlie and Django move in, while covered by Spence. Charlie manages to sneak in, and install the dataline tap but is spotted by a spirit that's tasked with guarding that area. Combat ensues and this ends up with them basically setting off several astral alarms, which alerts the Merc teams mage. As the Mercs scramble the teams Sniper, Spence, puts a few rounds into their vehicle which gives the rest of the team time to exfiltrate. However this is compromised by drone pursuit. The team manages to drop the drones, and in what's an epic set of rolls on both sides Spence manages to nail the Merc teams chopper as it's lifting off.

The team manages to pull up stakes, and get out of sight for now. Having found a tactic they feel comfortable with it was only a matter of time before they just jacked costs up way too high, and the Merc's whistle up reinforcements. They manage to splash one more helo-loaded with equipment and men, and decide to head out fo the area of operations into Darrington, where they discover they've succeeded in their goal.

They did a great job of planning this one. I got my ass handed to me.

Author:  SeriousPaul [ Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Game 7

So this game was insanely fun to play; and it is our first split session in this new campaign. This was played last Saturday.

As always let's start with the behind the curtains stuff-again if you're a player in my game please wait untilt he game is over to read this:

Synopsis: Griggs will contact the PC’s and offer them a chance to help blackmail a powerful UCAS Senator who has links to Humanis and a cabal of Winterknight magicians.

Situation: UCAS Senator Robert “Big Bob” Morton is a rich and powerful lawyer, and once a skilled engineer for Federated Boeing. He has now held office for 30 years, and thanks to a recent lionization treatment he stands poised to take office for several more decades. He maintains an office in Seattle, and the Federal District of Columbia. Over the years he’s faced numerous allegations over potential links to various Humanis organizations, but has eluded prosecution or serious political repercussions.

Recently Aleksander Bilotkiy had elements approach the Senator to try and make an arrangement with him-to help facilitate various Vory operations. But because of Bilotkiy’s friendly stance towards metahumans he was rebuffed. Deciding to circumvent the Senator he has retained Griggs to send a team onto the Senator’s compound and find something they can leverage to blackmail him.

Senator Morton maintains a compound next to 3 lakes in north eastern Snohomish-this compound serves as a residence for several humanis friendly terrorist cells, and as a training camp for various direct action groups. Three Lakes is located in the north eastern portion of Snohomish, near the border with the Salish.

Currently three four man teams are training on site, with a 6 man training cadre and a permanent staff of about 10. (Groundskeepers, cooks, etc…) They have the equipment to provide military style training-rappelling, boating, weapons, etc… One team is currently gearing up to make a strike against the Salish capital city with a magically powered fuel air bomb.

Orientation: Located at 47°55′9″N 122°5′28″W Snohomish sits at 500 feet above sea level. This game will commence on Thursday November 30th, 2073. Weather at this time will range from 39° to 43° Fahrenheit, with showers during the day and light snow during the nights, with temperatures dropping down into the mid-twenties. The three lakes area is heavily wooded, with a wide range of natural wildlife and fauna.

The main compound is a four story rustic looking log sided building that can comfortably house about 50 people. The Garage houses several ATV’s, SUV’s, and a number of dirt bikes and drones. Next to it is a small armory building that holds a variety of munitions and weaponry of all types. The last building is a Magical Lodge.

Security starts with an initial electrified fence, and a controlled access point that is manned by armed personnel. A secondary fence line is monitored by drones, cameras and also has an manned access point with armed sentries. Inside the main encampment there is CCTV and CCSS monitoring but the atmosphere is much more relaxed, based on the assumption that if you're there you belong. They also make use of summoned and bound spirits to both patrol and monitor the area. Each member of the encampment is encoded with some sort of RFID identification, and the compound is connected to the greater Seattle Metroplex wireless matrix. it does however keep all essential information on a separate system that is not accessible wirelessly.

There are several possible security exploits for the players: there is a series of secret subterranean caves under a portion of the north eastern portion of the fence that can allow access to average sized metahumans. However wildlife concerns as well as portions of it being submerged present unique challenges. The site is fairly independent however does require certain supplies to be regularly delivered. Chief among these are foodstuffs, and propane. They subcontract to a local company. Also the drones that monitor the facility aloft, are unarmed.

Mission: Griggs will pay the players to infiltrate the compound, and to locate material that Bilotkiy can use to blackmail the senator. It is Mission Critical that they do this quietly because Morton will quickly close down the operation if he suspects it’s been compromised.

Execution: Grigg’s will provide an initial 10k¥ for the player characters to use as an expense account. Beyond that he can provide only peripheral assistance. There are no operational time limits or requirements beyond retrieving salvageable data that Morton can be blackmailed by.

Administration and Logistics: There are no supporting teams working in the area, however there is a potentially hostile team from the Salish Rangers operating a surveillance operation in the area. They have a 4 man team-2 Shamans, and 2 Communication Specialists with a small menagerie of summoned spirits.

Griggs can provide the players with access to a small camp site on Flowering Lake. This is a fifth wheel on an improved site, that is relatively private this time of the year.

Command and Signal: Griggs will provide them with a disposable contact number for them, and they can make arrangements for other pre-coordinated signals.

Author:  SeriousPaul [ Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Game 7 After Action

So last's night game saw the wrap up of our latest story arc-a campaign dealing with the player characters furthering the interest's of the Vor v. Zakone. The players were hired on as irregular asset's to perform a variety of tasks: kidnapping's, extortion, destruction of physical asset's and their final job was a black mail attempt.

Hired to black mail a UCAS senator, who had extensive contacts with the Humanis policlub. Utilizing his extensive political power to support direct action against metahumans and causes he supports. The Vor tried to utilize this information to blackmail him, but he wasn't budging. So they decide to have the players try and infiltrate a humanis camp, where the Senator is spending his break from Congress at the camp.

The PC's do a great job of infiltration-taking the time to not only get gauge the communities reaction to the compound; doing extensive research and surveillance. After settling on a plan they begin their infiltration and that's where things kind of start getting rough. First their Shaman sells them out to a Salish group, who outlines hat they plan on committing the resources to an airstrike if the PC's discover anything worth while in the compound.

In the mean time they use the one white male human character to infiltrate by actually joining the policlub. Because this club does direct action, and they're a laittle paranoid to begin with they mind probe "Buck" discovering that he's a Shadowrunner, paid by the Vor to infiltrate the compound. (Buck failed his will power roll miserably!) They then begin a quick series of mind control magics that Buck also fails to resist. So now unknown to the rest of the group their Street Samurai is playing for the other side.

To add to this the Shaman, who sold them out, and the Street Sam don't get along very well. At all. (Tensions in this group are half the fun!)

As the group manages to get some some drones inside-and they manage to get eyes on the target. As the Rigger discovers that the Street Sam has possibly been flipped, he cuts the feed to the Shaman who decides he needs to take a walk....and make contact with the people he sold out the team to. He gives them the data the team has recovered. He rewards the Shaman by shooting him in the back of the head. Leaving the Shaman for dead is arrogance on his part, and Greywolf manages to hit him with several spells dropping him. But simultaneously the NAN strike team hits the compound with a cruise missile (So long Buck), and a 4 man fire team tries to eliminate the other team members who are holed up in a fifth wheel. Django the gun adept dies in the first barrage-but Rowdy the rigger manages to survive both barrages, and the grenade that hits the trailer. (But just barely)

As Graywolf and Rowdy meet they finally decide maybe we should contact Buck? Then the Cruise Missile hits and they figure-correctly-it's time to get the hell out of dodge. They make contact with their Fixer, and are offered a chance to come in, and "discuss" things. They correctly figure that the Fixer is probably going to tie up some loose ends and our game ends with them wounded, and on the run and hung out to dry.

Great game-great interplay between all of the characters-and a lot of loose ends were wrapped up; and their death was a great finale-in which everyone had a lot of fun. My campaign notes are posted at Dumpshock and more than anything thanks to my players who did a great job of making this a fun, hilarious and awesome time!

Author:  SeriousPaul [ Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Game 6.5

So there was one game between the split session I need to document! But that's the Eastern front campaign!

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