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Star Wars: The Great Jedi Purge 
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Post Re: Star Wars: The Great Jedi Purge
werekoala wrote:
Telekinetic Savant - able to get the most out of telekinetic and force-push abilities
In light of the Force keyword rules I posted above, you might want to take Force 17 (the standard level -- whole keywords can't be raised at character creation), assign either the 5M or one of your 1M ratings to the Alter affinity, then take Telekinesis as one of your three starting feats. That would give Mas a very good capacity with his telekinesis, and an improved capacity for improvising any of the other feats in the Alter affinity list.

An improvised feat is pretty much just what it sounds like. You haven't been trained in the ability, but maybe you've seen other Jedi do it, or you've gathered an intuitive idea on how to do it yourself. Any attempt to improvise will be at your regular affinity rating, minus 10 for not really knowing how it's done.

Another option is to treat "Telekinetic Savant" for exactly what it appears to be -- an independent ability. In this instance, you'd take The Force at 17, the Alter affinity at 17*, and the Telekinesis feat; in addition, you'd take Telekinetic Savant at a rating of either 5M or 1M, giving you an augment of +5 or +4, respectively (to find an automatic augment, take an assisting ability, divide by 10, round to the nearest whole number). At face value, this has about the same effect as the first suggestion above, but, ultimately, it is much more limited in scope. You would not be able to augment the improvisation of any other feat (unless you can make the argument that it is somehow telekinetic in nature).


[*Edit: Or maybe even still taking the Alter affinity at either 1M or 5M, if you really want to min-max this guy's telekinesis. Let's say you take the general affinity at 5M, the Telekinesis feat, and the Telekinetic Savant ability at 1M. That'd be 5M + 4 + whatever situational augments you might be able to come up with.)

Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:20 pm
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Post Re: Star Wars: The Great Jedi Purge
Name: Gorant Firereef
Player: Drohem

Jedi Padawan 17
Acrobatics 17
Construct Lightsabre 17
History of the Jedi Order 17
Jedi Philosophy 17
Lightsabre Combat 5M
Listen 17
Meditation 17
Offer Enigmatic Advice 17
Unarmed Combat 17

Force Training 17
Alter 17
Control 1M
Sense 1M
-- Read Surface Thoughts
-- Psychometry
-- Translation

Mon Calamari 13
Amphibious 13
Analytical 13
Organized 13
Creative 13
Inquisitive 13
Dreamer 13
Idealistic 13
Determination 13
Dedication 13
Even Tempered 13

Betrayed by the Republic 17 (?)
Highly Perceptive 13
Natural Linguist 13
Encryption Specialist 13
Curiosity Killed the Cat 13
Communications Engineer 13
Fluent in many Galactic Languages 13
Well versed in many Galactic Cultures 13
Natural Born Speaker 13
Computer Programmer 13

Drezzim Quill, Anomid Archaeologist: Ally 13

Minimal 6

Simple robes and lightsabre.


Gorant was born and raised in the area known as the Firereef on the planet Dac (Mon Calamari). The Firereef was completely obliterated by the recent attacks on Mon Calamari. As a sign of respect and honor, Gorant has taken the surname Firereef as did many surviving expatriates. Gorant was the Padawan of elderly Jedi Master Nara Deega, a Bith Linguist and Archaeologist. Master Deega had not planned on taking another Padawan so late in his life; however, Gorant's natural Force aptitude, his inherent linguistic abilities, and his excellence in certain academic studies convinced Master Deega to take on the bright Youngling Gorant. It was a good match in Master and Padawan since their interests were so compatible. Master Deega was a high ranking and active member of the Exploration Corps of the Jedi Service Corps. It was through Master Deega and the Exploration Corps that Gorant became good friends with Anomid Archaeologist Drezzim Quill, also a member of the Exploration Corps working for Master Deega. Drezzim is relatively young in his field, but brilliant so his natural predilection for trouble was mostly overlooked, or brushed away by Master Deega.

The one and only time that Gorant saw Master Deega wield his light saber was when he saw his Master die. Master Deega and Gorant were deep in the Unknown Regions of space, near the edge of Wild Space, on an important archaeological dig. They were in the field on the actual site when they were attacked by a horde of native assassins. That scene is forever etched in the memory of Gorant- The Fall of Master Deega. The normally frail and passive Bith Jedi Master moved with speed and grace beyond belief as he danced through opponents wielding his light saber like a paint brush of death. It was his friend Drezzim that saved his life that day, as well as Master Deega's sacrifice that saved both of them, and many other loyal and faithful members of the Exploration Corps at that archaeological site. Drezzim pushed Gorant into a speeder and got out of there by the seat of their pants. It was Drezzim's contacts and skills that allowed all surviving Jedi Service Corps members to be smuggled off planet and escape. Gorant and Drezzim were separated in their escape.

Gorant is 20-years-old. He stands 1.8 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms. He has a high-domed head, large eyes, and webbed hands. His skin is salmon-colored.

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Post Re: Star Wars: The Great Jedi Purge
Ian, should I abandon all hope for this game? :P

Talislanta is now free! Please come and check out this wonderful game system and setting!

"The Dude abides."

Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:24 am
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