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Alston's Journal [S&W Infidelus] 
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Post Alston's Journal [S&W Infidelus]

As I sit here in bed, unable to completely fall asleep, I wonder what I've gotten myself into. Perhaps it's all in Her plan for me. I've joined the manor guard for 3 silvers a day. I was sitting in the bar this afternoon for lunch, enjoying a beer with Mouse and that crazy woodsman Bax when I saw one of the members of the garrison posting a notice asking for help. Almost on a whim, we all went to ask about it. The troops and commanders weren't impressed, but they let us join anyway, and soon we went off to start our career of glory and respect...or something like that. We had to talk to Eddie about getting a weapon for Mouse, but had a hard time tracking him down--everyone said he was going to the Ram, but we saw him in several other places instead of there. Strange. Regardless, I think I didn't start things off very well with him by calling him Eddie to his face. Uncle was less than pleased with my new career choice. He doesn't understand anything though... Mouse's mother was certainly more appreciative! Anyway...We got our weapons, and then headed off on our first patrol. We found some kids playing in the woods near the Guest farms, trying to make animal footprints. They thought they were so clever, trying to fool us...we showed them!

That night, we were treated to yet another performance by Sarah...oh Hestien, is she beautiful. She even talked to me!!! I can't believe she touched me and told me how handsome I looked. Never washing my face again...well...perhaps if I drink too much and make a mess of myself I will. But you get the point (and that never happens anyway). Seeing her talking to me did not make Mr. Bertram very happy--if looks could kill I'd be already dead. It got worse when she mentioned me in one of her songs. Still, by the end of the night...he looked over at me and almost looked worried rather than mad...I wasn't sure what to make of that.

We went on our night patrol after the performance--and we killed two wolves!!! I baited them with my torch, and Mouse kept them busy with her wild swings, all the while that crazy Bax just shot them with his bow. He may be nuttier than Mary Scott (I still can't believe he thinks there are elves around here!), but the man can shoot!!! We took our prizes to the boss to show that we weren't slouching, but that jerk Crelin basically stole them from us after insulting us. We'll see how gentle I am with my bandages the next time that idiot gets himself hurt!

Dead tired, we checked into our own room at the inn and settled in for a nice rest, only to be interrupted by knocking on the door. I opened the door to find Bertram standing there, looking worried. He told me that he needed to talk to me and then slumped into my arms, a dagger in his back! I...I couldn't do anything--he was already dead. We searched all over the place, and immediately checked on Sarah--I think she thought I was looking for something else with such a late-night knock on the door. She was thankfully safe. Mouse ran and got Crelin and the guards, who were of course immediately suspicious of us.

I don't even know what to do. We must help...we simply must.

Tomorrow we search for more answers...we need to find Sarah to talk to her, and find out what Bertram was looking for in the woods when we saw him NOT going to the Ram.

Hestien, guide me as you always have. Father, watch over me. I miss you dearly.


Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:07 pm
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Post Re: Alston's Journal [S&W Infidelus]
I’ve never been more tired in my life than after these past two days. Garrison work is difficult. We set off bright and early to both patrol the manor as ordered, as well as look for Sarah and try to talk to her about the murder the night before. Along the way, we decided to explore the Lakewood near Crazy Mary’s shed, as Eddie seemed as though he was looking around there yesterday afternoon. We weren’t well-received. She lives up to her namesake, AND has a gigantic badger named Booboo. Only upon sharing news of Bertram’s death did we even get her to consider letting us talk to her. She was unhelpful, mostly insulting Sarah and me (for trying to get in Eddie's way of Sarah, supposedly), and then denying us any hope of asking for her help, only swearing that she would take care of Eddie’s killer herself.

Shortly after the fruitless meeting, we met two new recruits. I can’t believe that Perrin boy is in the garrison now. He’s got a smart mouth about him that nearly drove us to violence. It certainly drove me to drink. The town repairman Mal signed up as well—he seems an agreeable enough fellow after getting to know him a lot more while patrolling with him yesterday.

After patrol, we stopped at the inn for refreshments, and I took the chance to talk to Sarah in her room. She didn’t know much, and seemed somewhat uncomfortable and quickly kicked me out of her room when I asked about Crazy Mary and Eddie’s relationship. Maybe it was nothing, and she was just tired…but it certainly seemed odd to me, the more I think about it. Reporting to Yarl up at the keep after lunch was a mistake. We should’ve done so even before our morning patrol, and we didn’t get paid. We did, however, get tokens of appreciation for the wolves we killed last night—their ears! We nearly fought in the keep, I’m ashamed to say. Simon just didn’t know when to stop mocking us (and using big words that we don’t understand). Yarl broke up the fight, but Simon also apologized. Perhaps Hestien has brought us all together for a reason after all.

We resolved to rest for the rest of the afternoon back at the inn before our night patrol and any other tasks we had to take care of. My nap was interrupted by Uncle, who dropped a box of possessions at my feet, told me that they were Bertram’s, and that I was the one who should have them since it was “our job to investigate” the murder. Before I could ask, he walked away in his usual snit. I want to ask yarl about this tomorrow…last night we couldn’t even come near the crime scene and now we’re the ones investigating the murder? It seems odd, that’s all. I called my companions in to check out the box with me: a bunch of ink quills, and other minor unremarkable objects, in addition to one wooden, toy sword inscribed with Eddie’s name and “Duke Wellstone’s Home for Indigent Children” on the other side. I guess our steward was an orphan (at least that’s what Simon tells me that big word meant).

Sarah showed up at my door not long after, and invited us to watch her perform, and most of us decided to go. Simon and Mal, took the sword and went off in search of Crazy Mary, to try and find out just what she knew. We watched the show (oh Hestien, is she ever beautiful…) while they seemed to have very minimal success. We met up afterwards to discuss the latest developments before being again interrupted by Sarah, who invited us to dinner. Everyone except Simon accompanied her to the meal, which was rudely interrupted by a thunderous boom. We rushed upstairs and found Sarah’s door open, with a hole blasted into it where the lock once held the door securely closed. Mouse and I bravely went inside to make sure no one was there waiting to harm Sarah…but rather than be thankful she seemed to be very upset.

Why was she so upset? It just doesn’t make sense.

My uncle came along and was livid, blaming us for the entire matter. I truly hate him sometimes. He’d have nothing more than a mediocre guesthouse without my and my father’s beer. I went home before he could kick us all out of the inn and drank. Though you may think it a weakness, I think it may have been the key to my success later during our patrol…

Our night patrol…was even more incredible than the first. We fought not two, but THREE enormous….I can’t even call them wolves. Creatures of nightmare is more like it. They rushed us, and almost instantly staggered Mouse! I uttered a prayer to my beautiful goddess and felt her warmth flow from me to Mouse as I refreshed her, saving her from further harm. I was even more shocked when a bolt of pure light shot out from my to attack the creatures. Hestien was clearly smiling on us all that day, granting my prayers and more.

We took the bodies (or at least one…the things were incredibly heavy) back to the tower and actually seemed to get some respect from that fiend Crelin—he actually let us use a cart to get the rest of the bodies, and came out with us to find the other bodies. Sadly, they were gone, dragged into the forest. Sad, and also worrisome…

We spent the rest of our patrol raising the alarm among the farmsteads.

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Mon May 03, 2010 9:29 am
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Post Re: Alston's Journal [S&W Infidelus]
Alston is such a pansy :lol:

Love it, Trev. It's awesome.

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Post Re: Alston's Journal [S&W Infidelus]

I feel as though I’ve let both you and our Goddess down today, and don’t know how to atone properly. On top of that, someone I’ve known since I was a boy died in battle with filthy jeblins, and I could do nothing. I take comfort at least, that Mouse is in a better place, watched over by Hestien and all of the pantheon who wait for our true prayers again.

We set off to investigate where our “worgs” (what they’re apparently called)had been dragged off last night, found bits and pieces of them torn apart in the woods, and then followed more distinct tracks through the southern farms and into the hills. They were weird tracks, like nothing I’d ever seen before. We followed them around the ravine and quarry until we came upon the Lord’s lake house—which showed signs of visitors, based on the tracked mud and blood, and the door hanging slightly open.

Against my better judgement (and with Mouse strongly pushing for it), we “extended our patrol” into the cellar underneath, where the tracks led. We made a makeshift torch out of a table and dirty bedsheet, and went down below. There were more bits of worg, and a door leading into natural caverns. As soon as we opened the door, we heard a voice call out in a strange language—one that Simon apparently speaks. He told us that it was jeblin, and that we should just rush in and kill it, as they’re weak little creatures. I had only heard stories, myself, so I wasn’t one to judge. Mal and Mouse took the lead, heading off into the caverns where they started to lay into a jeblin, who quickly called for more help.

And there was plenty of help…

At least 30 of the creatures lived in the caves, and only fortunate positioning at a natural choke point on our parts and (I hope) the blessing of Hestien let us quickly dispose of them. Several of the creatures landed powerful hits on Mouse, who looked winded when one truly broke through her defenses and from the sound of it broke a rib. I immediately issued a prayer to Hestien, felt her warm touch, and then an intense cold. My prayers went unanswered—her rib unmended, her vitality unrefreshed.

And then it happened again—bolts of magical light slammed into the creatures we fought. But not from me…from Simon. Had Hestien truly become so displeased with me that she gave the gift to Simon instead? Has he been a believer all along, trying to test my faith? I was distraught to say the least. As the rest of the day’s events unfolded the memories of his gifts didn’t fade from my memory, and I’m truly beginning to suspect something else is afoot with him. I may well find out when he appears at my door tonight. He and I have much to discuss… I digress.

We continued to fight successfully, and the creatures fell back…and we saw something that I could barely fathom: skeletons, walking towards us, armed with weapons and…dare I say malice in the eyeless faces. Father had warned me that such creatures existed, and that our faith could hurt them, but even for a man of faith it was hard to believe. Eager to prove my faith, I stepped forward—too boldly, for I was pulled back by Mouse—to try and drive the creatures back.

My prayers were once again met with deaf ears. Twice, the undead refused to listen to me.

With strength alone, we destroyed the skeletons, pursued the fleeing jeblins, and then, when only the leaders remained standing, Mouse ran into battle with them, only to be immediately struck across the head, and then run through in her dazed state. I screamed in murderous rage and ran into battle with the others, beating the life out of the garishly painted shaman and his partner.

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t stop when he fell to the ground, unmoving. The bloodstains on my clothes are a reminder of for how long I beat the lifeless corpse with my mace, tears in my eyes. I didn’t even notice that a survivor remained, now interrogated by Simon and the others.

His name was…I really can’t remember….and he doesn’t deserve the privilege of having a name anyway, and he claimed to be the only survivor. We resolved to take him as our prisoner. He begged to show us out another exit, but I wanted him to suffer—he was going to climb the same ladder that we went down, broken arm or not. It was a bad compound fracture, so I roughly fixed it. It caused him agonizing pain, which….I confess I enjoyed far too much. But I know in the end, he will be better served, and less likely to die of infection with a functional arm…so in a sense I did the right thing, regardless of how my colleagues questioned my actions.

It was an honor to meet the Lord, and the reward for our services—a stunning 100 gold pieces—was more money than I ever dreamed of even seeing in person, let alone receiving. Simon was surprising in giving his entire share to the Widow Discoll—he’s a remarkable young boy indeed. I chipped in 5, and eventually shut my uncle up with 10 gold of my reward. I’ll show him just how useless I am to him…

Simon has arrived…he and I have much to discuss.

Yours faithfully,


Mon May 10, 2010 6:29 pm
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