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Simons Journal (SW Infidelus) 
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Post Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
I am alone again....

Not that I have ever not been even in a room full of people.

My father saw fit to send me along with some of his more mundane scripts to the tower proper to deliver them to the head scribe.

I tried to explain to him that amongst these backwoods cretins there would be no one to bore to tears with his local history garbage. He cuffed me twice on the shoulder as he chased me out the door, leaving it to smart greatly as I carried the heavy load of dead tree flesh to it's destination.

Cursing him as I walked to burn in the fiery hells of the 2nd plane of Mastisfalcia home to Enuroch the Terrible Lord of Fire, my thoughts turned to arcane formulae keeping my mind occupied for the short trip to the tower.

The words of power swirled around my mouth like the warm brandy stolen from father's flask on a cold night while I lay shivering in the goat shed where I slept.

As I passed the greater forest to the south of my farmstead as I traveled, the damp morning dew chilled the air as it covered the plants in the fields. In spots it would rise from the ground in a great billowing cloud, causing my imagination to see all manner of fell creature in it's midst.

The uppermost reach’s of the tower came into view of the forest at that moment, stirring in me a sense of safety at the site of the unyielding stone battlements.
I quickened my step eager to reach my journeys end and be done with this lackeys errand.

The portcullis was raised and a tall lanky man wearing the tabard of the watch addressed me. "Oi latrine boy, that load of ass paper is over due! Straight to the thunder mug with yee!"
I mumbled under my breath. " From the stench of your breath i'm needed right here..."
The haft end of his ransuer struck the back of my leg as I passed him, sending the books I was carrying to crash about the causeway and me to follow head over heels.

At that moment Edward Bertram the Steward walked out of the main gate and into the causeway, he saw what had transpired and began to help me collect my things. “ Ignore them young Simon, they are on edge with the attacks and the missing livestock as of late.” I gave him a smile and replied. “ The Urigz have been stealing their girlfriends, no wonder they are so cross.”
Edward frowned at me. “ Your mouth also seems to vex them greatly, one day it may be your undoing.”

He paused and looked at the graying sky, his brow creased at the site of the coming storm.
“Tonight you should stay at the tower lest the Urigz steal you away from us, I’m sure Barry will understand. Now get yee to the Lords abbey and get a comfortable seat, he has not been in the mood for visitors today and you may have a long wait.”

Edward was right.

I waited all day in the abbey staring out a window at the rain, dreaming of the day I would wield great arcane magic and subject those beneath me that tormented me to the 9 levels of the hells.

Sleep came to me as I waited and I awoke to shouting coming from the main courtyard.

“To arms, to arms! The Urigz have attacked the Perrin farmstead and they have set fire to the buildings!”

I ran as fast as I could down the tower steps almost falling twice, my heart caught in my chest at the sight of the orange glow coming from the farmstead.

“Oh no! The books!” I gasped.

The carnage was absolute and brutal, the Urigz had not spared even the livestock from their cruel blades. I crept past the guard who were busy trying to put out the fires and made my way to the goat shed where I slept, it was smoldering like everything else around me and threatened to go up in flames at any moment.

I dove inside and move the stone I used as a pillow, the satchel with the books of power I had stolen from father were still there!
Grasping them tightly as you would a lover I made my way out into the fields, the flames covering my escape and affording me the chance to conceal my ill gained knowledge.

It was at that moment standing under the full moon shivering and filthy that the books spoke to me, the voice I heard was deep and booming within my head and caused me great pain. It promised me power greater than the gods that had turned their backs on my race, the power with which to rule this pitiful plane as it’s one true god.

All it required of me was to open my mind and accept the rune of magic into my heart, I did as I was told and felt the power spill into me like water into a vessel.
And now it has begun my path to power and rightful rule is before me, and none shall bar my way and live...

With cold steel let the future be decided.

Mon May 03, 2010 8:14 pm
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
Man, I have to tell you, this throws all kinds of monkey wrenches into my work...

...and I love it!


The rules are my slave, not my master. - Old Geezer

I'm reaching out for something, touching nothing's all I ever do.

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Tue May 04, 2010 3:51 pm
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
The rain never seems to really go away in this place, almost as if the gods weep for humanity.

I however am not so sympathetic.

Sitting in this shoddy lean to hastily constructed for the dispossessed of the Paren estate, I plot my next move in my quest for power. The book whispers to me about other books like it, one such book it says lies in the tower within the lords sanctum. I must gain entry to the lords chambers and attain the tome for my own, it calls to me in my dreams.

My thoughts were interrupted by a noisome repairman hammering upon my roof, he greeted me with a smile and some vapid comment about the roof of the hovel in which I sat. I told him to be away as he was interrupting my concentration, and he continued on with his prattle about the roof. He was interrupted moments later by the sergeant at arms who was recruiting for the watch.

I asked if there would be any openings in the lords household particularly as a page in his library, the sergeant snorted his derision and told me that if I wanted to impress his lordship I would need to become something I was not namely a man. On further thought I concluded that this may be my only avenue to the power I craved.

Our orders were to meet with the other newer recruits in patrolling the estates and to report in the morning with our findings. When we finally tracked them down it became clear that I was mistaken in putting my hope in this avenue of ascension, there is no real power among them and all are small minded.

Alston a priest of some forgotten god, Bax a simple minded hunter, Mouse a women with a big mouth and quick temper and Mal the carpenter who joined the guard with me earlier.

The priest had been accused of the murder of Edward the steward late last night by several townsfolk, as he had been the last person seen with the steward alive and they apparently both had yearnings for the same woman Sarah Worthington a songstress and teller of tales.

My sharp tongue and sharper wit did not endear me to them, and a few times the burly warrior girl threatened to pitch me into the lake. It wasn’t until Captain Thirst threatened us both that we stopped our verbal fencing, I acquiesced out of the desire not to bring to much bad attention to myself.
I would need a clean image if I was to make it into the lords trust, and thereby win my way into his private library.

We retired at this point to the Wary Ram to relax before our long nights patrol for the coming evening, and were greeted by maid Worthington who had come to invite us to tonight’s performance where she would be singing of the escapades of the great wolf hunters who I now was partnered with and for the late Steward.

Slightly later Alston’s uncle came to us and gave Alston a box with Edwards effects in it. Among several scrolls and quills was a small wooden sword bearing the inscription of some orphanage from outside the manor. I used this as an excuse to skip the night’s entertainment, and Mal and I set off to question crazy Mary hoping to succeed where our partners had failed.

We did not gain anything from this venture other than a more intimate knowledge of that part of the manor, so we returned to the Wary Ram to hopefully gain some rest before the evening patrol. Mal and I arrived just in time to be invited to supper with maid Worthington and the rest of our patrol. I excused myself on the pretense that I was tired, which actually seemed to relieve Alston and the others.

I went upstairs and stopped outside Sarah’s doorway, thinking that maybe I would find the key to the Stewards demise inside and thus gain the recognition I needed to endure me to the lord.
The door was locked and I could not sleuth out another way inside as the windows on the outside are barred and the owner of the inn employs his own security.

It was then that the voice came to me again. “ Use the magic within you young master, and your way will become unobstructed.”

I opened my mind to the magic and let it flow from my hand to the lock, and it opened the door with a violent thundering noise as the lock was blown off the door into a molten pile of slag upon the floor.
Not quite the outcome I was looking for but still very satisfying, to think what that would have done to the tower guard who had tripped me.

Footsteps and loud worried voices came from the stairwell, causing me to hasten to my room and await their arrival. When I heard Alston’s voice in the hall I jumped out from my door and exclaimed my surprise and alarm. “What was that?!”

The others milled about Sarah’s room looking for an intruder of some type, until she arrived herself and made a fuss about us leaving. I took my cue and slipped back into my room, just as Alston’s uncle showed up and kicked everyone out for the evening. I waited until shortly before patrol time and met the rest of the party back at Alston’s meager abode.

Alston had filled himself with drink as was the norm for him when we are not actively patrolling, and the others had rested as they could before we set out again to patrol the manor proper. We grabbed some torch’s and headed out, and it was not long before we met one of the threats to our homeland.

The others had encountered Canis Terriblus also known as the common timber wolf the night before and dispatched them without much trouble, but the specimens we encountered the evening were Canis Gigantis more commonly know as Worgs. Twice as large and twice as mean as we would soon discover, they charged at us from the brush baring fangs and slobbering madly.

I stood behind the party as they crashed down upon us, and in the confusion of battle cast more of the Mage Missiles I had used earlier on Sarah’s door. Later I would lie and say it was the deity of the priest who had conjured such strong magic’s in answer to her servants call. I also smashed the skull of one of the brutes in with my oak staff, surprising everyone there including myself.

Victorious we brought one of the worgs bodies back with us to the tower and reported what we had encountered. At first Crelin called us liars and made jokes at our expense, until he actually inspected the corpse we had brought with us. He sent us to warn the other farms of what could potentially be waiting for them in the darkest night.

My story of seeing the priests patron come to his aid seem to have been accepted, and my secret life as an Arch mage goes unnoticed but for how long I wonder. I am hopeful that my companions lack of intellect will serve my best interests in this endeavor, and that they may prove of some use to me before they become a liability.

As Above, As Below.

Simon Binder

With cold steel let the future be decided.

Thu May 06, 2010 2:16 am
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
Again I am reminded that the gods hate me.

My eyes itch and burn and my nose runs with snot.

Another sunny beautiful day.

I wish that a gate from the plane of shadow would open and consume everything around me.

Stupid patrol.

Dirty geblin.

*there was some writing here but it is blurred from some sort of water or wetness*

----------ake house------morons--le-------bloody pi

Skeletons animated by a sham-------------cleric tried to tur----- failed---------------bly--------ted fool!

Fighter charged int-------------ray with th-----my shama------was cut do-------

Why when this happened did I smile? Is the book taking----------
I feel that her death is----------ault
-----------------enjoyed beating Jeva, a little to m-----------

I will endeavor to keep control of my emotions and seek council from the only truly good man I know, even if he is a flawed moron who has placed his faith in a dead god. Then again maybe it is I who have misplaced my faith.....

As above as below.
Simon Binder

With cold steel let the future be decided.

Tue May 11, 2010 9:47 am
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
I will be brief as my alargies continue to vex me.
Funeral for old team mate.
Greeted new team mate who is dead one sister.
Old one was mouse, new one is Kat.
Thier mother thinks she was clever.....
Went looking for dwarf, found ogre, killed ogre.
Collected the lords silver for him.
Defended the lord from Urigz.
Having lunch with the lord this afternoon.
New teamate is as bloodthirsty and combat lusting as her sister.
She can shoot the sweat off of a stirges balls from 200 yards.
As above blah blah blah....

With cold steel let the future be decided.

Mon May 17, 2010 3:23 pm
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
When will Simon star sprouting haikus?

Mon May 17, 2010 4:06 pm
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Post Re: Simons Journal (SW Infidelus)
My life continues to evolve each day with the promise of new adventure.

Lord Teodin gave us our freedom this day, he is hoping as free men that we will continue to champion Hartsend manor.

We have taken up the call of heros and have set ourselves against the urig invasion, following them into the forest to ferret out where they are basing their operations from.

As we chased them we realised that they were outdistancing us and would quickly escape. I threw a spell of slumber upon the last 5 I could see, and they all fell under my arcane might.

Upon approaching the slumbering brutes the rest of their fell company returned to prevent thier capture, battle was joined and we slew them like common cattle.

Hestien showed mercy upon one of the beasts and it was captured and taken to the lords dungeon for torture.

The two newest recruits performed well and seem to be meshing with the other members quite well, we shall see how long they survive the company of THE HEROS of HARTSEND MANOR!

Hehehe I couldn't resist.

Our titles and reputations grow with every adventure, we are now known as THE MIGHTY OGRE SLAYERS of Hartsend Manor.

Father Alston poo poo's it, but the wenchs swoon upon our arrival and even the mighty lords of the watch take pause at our magnificence.

I have suggested to him that we open a church and begin recruiting followers, he looked interested but when I brought up the prospect of female parisoners he became ill..... with his fascination with Lady Sarah I would have thought....
Never Mind.

We are free men with money and heads on our walls, the future is an open book for me to pen my destiny.

Oh and speaking of books, I have secured the tome of Xeres Lord of Flies.
2 out of the fabled 10 tomes of Iniquity, my power yet grows......

As above As Below

With cold steel let the future be decided.

Fri May 21, 2010 4:36 pm
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