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Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]
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Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 4: Well and Shrine

This area holds the well used by the Servants of Acephax. It connects openly to area 5. It is lit by 3 lamps in alcoves. One is always near the well, but the other two are moved around as needed. The ceiling is 3m high.

There are 1d10 55-gallon barrels of water here stacked in rows against the walls near to the well. The well connects to the aquifer that stretches to areas 3 and 12.

The well itself is an open pool of water with 1d10 5-gallon buckets nearby. It is surrounded by a stone wall of approximately 1m height to prevent accidentally wandering into it in the dark.

This area is often used by Servants looking for a bit of privacy, especially the southern end of the chamber. There is a 10% chance that 1d2 cultists are here. They will be having sex, drinking, gaming, or privately scheming. Generally, they leave this southern area unlit.

The secret passage is concealed behind a shrine to Acephax. The shrine is 2m tall, 1.5m wide and 05.m thick, and covers the drape that conceals the hidden passage. It is made of wood painted grey to look like stone, with a carved wooden miniature of the statue Acephax is imprisoned in. There is a deep bowl in front of the statue filled with the Spume of Acephax (which appears as a brown-tinged, viscous ichor). Inside the bowl are 50 + 1d20 silver pennies. The shrine can be toppled with a Brawn check.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 5: Guard Post

This area is a natural stone cavern the cultists have expanded over the years. The ceiling is about 4m high. The area is lit by three lanterns. One is stationed near the connection to area 4 on the ground, another is next to the warning bell so it can be easily found, and the third is typically held by one of the guards.

The cavern is relatively empty except for some chairs for the guards and the warning bell. The bell is a head-sized large bronze bell with a rope connected to its knocker. Anyone may ring it using a single CA. This will alert anyone in areas 6, 7 and 8 that intruders have penetrated the warren.

This area contains 1d4 armed and armoured cultists who stand on guard against intruders. They are supervised by a single Son of Acephax. The exits to area 6 and 7 are draped and covered.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 6: The Den of the Red-Striped Beast

The most twisted Son of Acephax is a monstrosity, far more demon than man. The most obvious sign of his parentage is his skin, which is mottled with irregular red lines that appear to be welts. He is a vicious, cunning monster that poses a threat even to the cult itself. But because of his parentage, he is still a holy creature and may not be killed. This room is where he is kept, and has been for years.

The ceiling is 3m high, and the room is lit with 2 lanterns. The chamber is furnished with a set of blankets, a table, a chair and a chest containing the beast's few personal items. These items are within reach of the beast's shackles.

The beast's leg is shackled in the centre of the room with an iron chain that is 5m long and bolted to the floor. The chain has AP 8 HP 30.

The beast wears long concealing robes that hide everything but his face and hands, which are similar to human ones. He will dismiss the red stripes as signs of an illness which he has come down with. The beast's intentions, should PCs stumble into the room, are to convince them to free him so that he may escape. He will claim to be a gentleman scholar named Wegmanr imprisoned by the cult.

PCs with Lore (Therns) or a similar knowledge skill may make a check to realise that the name is an archaic Thernish name unlikely to be given to a living person. The beast, due to his long imprisonment and small knowledge of the outside world, chose the name not realising this.

If the PCs wish to fight him, they may do so (see appropriate post for stats).

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 7: The Outer Church

This area is the church where cultists come to pledge allegiance to Acephax and to hear the Brides preach and prophesy.

The ceiling is 3.5m high and the area is lit by two torches planted in the ground on either side of an altar set in the back of the room. The wall connecting it to area 6 is only a foot and a half thick, and is made of tight packed dirt, but PCs with shovels, hammers or picks could break through easily enough.

The only furniture is the altar, which is a 2.5m x 1.5m stone plinth engraved with the holy symbols of Acephax and dedicated to him. It is covered in blood, and there are four manacles to hold victims in place while they are dismembered by the Brides. The altar has a permanent magical aura of fear, which affects anyone who is not a member of the cult. Non-cultists must make a Persistence test when they approach within 10m of the altar or flee in terror for 5 minutes. For the purposes of countermagic, this counts as a magnitude 5 spell, and the aura may be suppressed temporarily through countermagic. The altar itself exudes the poisonous Spume of Acephax, and anyone touching the altar without protection will be affected. As well, anyone touching the altar must make a Resilience roll at -10% or contract leprosy.

There is a 10% chance of there being a victim strapped to the altar. They have a 50% of being alive and a 50% chance of having been dismembered and killed but left in place until they have rotted enough to be thrown into the sludge pits in front of the statue of Acephax.

There is a 20% chance of a religious service being in progress if the PCs have not raised the alarm. These are called at irregular intervals by the Brides. If a religious service is going on, there will be a victim on the altar. This will mean 1d10+10 cultists are in attendance and 1d10+5 Sons of Acephax, as well as 1d4 of the Brides. The Brides conduct the ceremony from behind the altar while the Sons ritually dismember the victim. The Sons will be the only ones armed with anything heavier than knives and daggers. Because of the state of religious hysteria accompanying these rituals, PCs' stealth rolls to avoid being noticed are at +10%.

Religious services last between 2 and 3 hours. Everyone consumes hallucinogenic and euphoric drugs (with a generous portion of alcohol, even by medieval standards, for the cultists) other than the Sons doing the dismembering. The victim is put in place and accused of committing various crimes against the cult and its followers (victims are often selected in the first place for having wronged a cultist in their aboveground life). They are then butchered slowly while the Brides proclaim the glory of Acephax and his servants, their eventual conquest of the world above, and the righteousness of their cause. Once the victim is dead, the crowd is sprinkled with blood while the Brides lead the cultists and Sons in a blood-soaked, incestuous orgy. Demons (leprosy spirits) are often conjured to participate by the Brides. Just about every taboo an ordinary Moragnian might have is violated during this bacchanal. Eventually, the Brides retreat, and the ordinary cultists go staggering back to their regular duties.

If there is not a religious service going on, there is a 25% chance of 1d3 cultists doing quiet devotional activities or cleaning the space.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

I've been G20ed since last Thursday, sorry for the delay.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 8: Barracks

This is the main area in which the cultists live and train during their tours in the warren. The ceiling is about 3.5m high, and the area is lit haphazardly with a varying number of cookfires and lanterns.

There is a 50% chance of there being 1d10+10 cultists here if the alarm has not been raised. There is a 33% chance they are asleep, and a 33% chance that they are engaged in training, studying, gaming or are otherwise engaged.

The cultists sleep in groups of 1d6 on loose hay and piles of blankets for warmth, as do most other Moragnians. These groups are piled against walls. Combined with the stone-coloured blankets, anyone trying to spot a group of sleeping cultists gets a -10% to their Perception roll.

There will be 1d4 small cookfires going, regardless of whether anyone is awake or not. These will be preparing pottage and stews in iron pots. The pots can be flung onto a single person as a weapon, doing 1d4 points of fire damage to anyone hit by it. Anyone eating it has a 1% chance of contracting leprosy.

The training area is the section nearest to area 9. It is separately lit, and has 1d4 racks of weapons containing spears, knives, short swords and clubs. The floor is covered in several layers of reed mats that make it easier to conceal one's footsteps. Stealth checks are at +10%. Against one wall is a 2m x 2m slate with writing on it. The writing includes a simple copy of the alphabet, and a cryptic sentence: "How far can a dog go into a forest?"

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 9: Prisoner Storage

The ceiling is 3.5m high. The only light source is Hwallung's lamp. There is no furniture or other furnishings in this area.

Prisoners captured by the Servants of Acephax are stored here, pushed up against one another in piles between the various pillars. There will be 1d6+4 prisoners here. If any named NPCs are kidnapped, they will be held here unless they are in the presence of the Brides.

A typical prisoner has their legs bound together, their hands bound together behind their back, and a gag stuffed in their mouth. There is a 50% chance that at least one of the bindings is coated with the Spume of Acephax, in which case the prisoner will be suffering its effects in the relevant body parts. The prisoners' bonds are rope, except for the gags, which are made from cloth rags.

The jailer sleeps in the area. He is a big, heavily muscled man covered in runic tatoos named Hwallung who takes care of the prisoners until they are disposed of. He has a 50% chance of being in area 9 at any given time of day or night. He has the only lamp in the area, and he extinguishes it when he sleeps. He will remain to guard the prisoners even if the alarm has been raised.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 10: Latrine & Expansion

This area has a ceiling that varies in height from about 3.5m to just under 2m at its far western edge, and is a natural cavern made of stone. The pit in is a latrine, with a wooden platform above it holding bench seating for 8, without walls dividing the individual holes (see the note on the structure and design of the Warrens). Anyone using the facilities has a 1% chance of contracting leprosy. There is a 10% chance that 1d4 cultists are using the toilets. If the toilets are not being used, there is a 5% chance that they are being cleaned by 1d6 cultists using shovels and tarpaulins. The latrine is lit by a single lantern suspended from the ceiling over the centre of the latrine.

The southern wall is an area of expansion. There is a 25% chance of 1d10 cultists wielding picks, shovels, hammers and chisels, and working to expand the area. There is a 10% chance that a Son of Acephax is there overseeing their work. Because of the noise, all Perception checks involving sound are at -10%. When the cultists are not working, they leave their tools in the area. There is a barrel of beer near the cultists when they are working so that they can refresh themselves, and a barrel of oil to refill their lanterns. Their work area is lit by four lanterns.

The cultists have partially uncovered a mummified body. A single, shriveled left arm is stretched out flush with the wall, but several smaller bones (wingbones, in fact) have been gathered into a bucket, along with dried out, indigo-coloured feathers. Anyone who with Culture: Moragne or Lore (Theology: Hidden God) can make a check to determine that these are the remnants of an angel. If the PCs have heard the cultists say the name "Acephax", those with Lore (Theology: Hidden God) or Lore (Demonology) can make a check to that establish this must be the body of Kuryx, the archangel who bound Acephax. The cultists suspect the body is Kuryx, but only the Brides know the truth.

Anyone bearing a bone of Kuryx counts as having the spell Countermagic Shield cast at magnitude 3 on themselves against spells cast by the Servants of Acephax, Acephax himself, and leprosy spirits. A single feather when touched to a limb affected by the Spume of Acephax will instantly cure the affected body part. Each feather is good for a single use.

The three greatest treasures have not yet been recovered by the cultists.

The first is the skull of Kuryx. Like all angels, Kuryx lacks a face, and his skull is covered in blue-black parchment-like skin with a smooth wall of bone where nostrils, mouth and eyes would be. Kuryx's skull can cure any one person of leprosy once per day when it is touched to them. It will also remove all effects of the Spume of Acephax from any person that it touches The skull is not visible in the wall, and is in fact embedded about a foot further into the solid stone. It can be chiseled free without risk given time and the right tools, as it cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons. The skull of Kuryx is an angelic relic, and should Fr. Morris know about it, he will ask the PCs to give it to the Dombatian Order in exchange for a promissory note worth 10,000 silver pieces from the Sesquinard bankers near Harken.

The second is the heart of Kuryx. It is an irregular orb of smoked glass, and is the only organ contained in the interior of his body, under four inches of stone. A worshipper of the Hidden God who holds it will feel it is comfortably warm to the touch, almost as if it was still alive. It has a definite magical aura that can be detected by anyone using Detect Magic, Second Sight or Mystic Vision. Any one bearing it has the effects of Countermagic Shield at magnitude 6 against Servants of Acephax, Acephax and leprosy spirits. The bearer also counts as under the effect of a Shield spell of magnitude 6 that provides 6 points of magical protection on all locations from magical attacks or spells cast by the Servants of Acephax, Acephax and leprosy spirits. The bearer counts as being Runetouched with the Infinity Rune for so long as they bear the heart.

The heart is also a much faster way to free Acephax from his prison than the current method (endless blood sacrifice of consecrated victims), and if it is revealed, the Servants of Acephax will do everything in their power to retrieve it. The bearer will be their primary target. The heart must be shattered, crushed into a powder, and mixed with the Spume of Acephax to produce a lacquer. Any part of the statue of Acephax painted with this lacquer will be restored to power. Without interference from the PCs, it will be at least three days from the time the PCs first enter the warrens before the cult can retrieve the heart.

The heart is priceless. King Harold would gladly give the bearer a county in payment for it, and consider himself to have gotten it cheaply. The Church of the Hidden God will excommunicate the PCs unless they hand it over to them. Assassin-priests from the Heronage may be sent to recover it if they do not. Fr. Morris will gladly take it from the PCs if they simply want to get rid of it.

The final treasure is close to the surface of the stone wall, clutched in the angel's right hand. It is under an inch or less of stone, and is not firmly embedded in the surrounding rock. It is the sword of Kuryx. The sword is a war sword that counts as permanently being under the effect of Bladesharp 6. When the Servants of Acephax, Acephax himself, or leprosy spirits are visible, the bearer must resist the blade's righteous anger. He counts as having the Fanaticism spell cast on himself (though the bearer may try to resist).

This is another holy relic worth about 25,000 silver pieces to the right bidder.

Author:  Pseudoephedrine [ Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

Area 11: Blasphemous Sacristy

This area is not normally lit unless someone is in it. The ceilings are 3m high. The entrance to this area from area 7 is blocked by a drape covered in the Spume of Acephax.

There is a 5% chance of one of Sons of Acephax being present. He will be washing the sacred vessels they use in their black masses.

There is a separate 5% chance that one of the Brides of Acephax will be here, preparing the holy vessels.

Neither will be armed, though they may take up one of the weapons nearby to defend themselves. If they are present, they will have a single lantern with them.

This chamber contains two long, heavy wooden tables opposite from one another. They can be moved with Brawn checks. The tables are covered in thick black velvet coverings that are stained with dried blood, the Spume of Acephax and other foul fluids.

On one table are a six clay cruets. Three contain the Spume of Acephax, and three contain oils and other foul astringents used in preparing the profane host. The bottles of the Spume of Acephax are illegal to sell to private collectors, but interested parties (alchemists, poisoners, the church) would pay 150 silver pieces per cruet for the spume, and 50 sp for the oils and chemicals.

The other table has a paten, a pyx, a chalice, and an aspergilium.

The paten is made of a wondrous black metal with engraved designs picked out in silver. The designs show Acephax rising from the earth, surrounded by a fan of severed fingers that point outwards. Written underneath him in Moragnian is the name "Acephax".

The pyx is silver, and plain, but contains the profane host of the Servants of Acephax. These are small, dried sections of human skin from a leper that have been treated with the Spume of Acephax and the chemicals on the other table. There are four dozen such "wafers" in the pyx.

The chalice is empty, but has a foul smell. It is made of the same black metal as the paten, and is undecorated except for an engraved sentence "ACEPHAX OUR LORD GIVES SUCCOR TO THE FORGOTTEN".

The aspergilium is silver, and has faint bloodstains around the holes where someone has had difficulty cleaning it properly.

Each of these items radiates an aura of evil magic and suffering. Worse yet, they are all cursed. Anyone who steals them from the cult (defined as leaving the caves with them) is cursed and will be attacked by a Magnitude 4 leprosy spirit upon leaving the cave when they next fall asleep. The goal of the spirit will be to infect the person with leprosy, to possess them, and to return the items to the cult, or if the cult has been destroyed, to refound it.

The items are worth about 250 silver pieces each, but no devout Moragnian would purchase them (and many would report the attempt to the nearest priest).

There are also a rack for holding weapons, a washbasin and a large but light chest. These are easily moved by one person.

The washbasin is fine carved wood, and the water has a dark, pinkish quality to it. The rack of weapons holds four clubs with sharp hooks on the end, a falchion, and four knives. The weapons are meant for ritual use, and are decorated with icons of Acephax, severed fingers, and other gruesome decorations. They are used during the religious ceremonies in Area 7 to restrain and dismember victims.

The small chest is tucked under one of the tables. It is locked and can be opened with a Mechanisms +10 check. It contains the sacred vestments of office used by the Brides and by the Sons of Acephax who are serving during cult rituals. These are bloodstained white robes edged with black and red fringe around the collar, cuffs and hem. Wearing them gives a PC a +20 to Disguise rolls for ordinary cultists. Success means they have mistaken the PC for a high member of the cult (devotee rank or higher) and act appropriately.

Author:  walkerp [ Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Warren of the Leper Queens [A Moragne / MRQ2 Dungeon]

"The Spume of Acephax" would not have survived my grade 7 game table, I can tell you that! :lol:

Great detail in all your write-ups here, quite enjoyable to read.

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