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Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea 
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
Ah well. I guess if you signed up you should stop reading this thread! :-)

Seriously, though, I didn't imagine I would end up with someone on this forum in the game. That's cool. I'll try to refrain from posting any more insider info.

I like your ideas. Each is a good type. I'm looking to platoon style movies for archetypes, and the doctor and the coward are two good ones. The responsible second-chance centurion is a good one too, though so would be a useless self-doubting leader or a know-it-all who really knows nothing. I'll have to think on that.

Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:29 am
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
It's a small world! This one came from left field because your nickname here is unfamiliar :)

I can refrain from looking at this thread but it's good for you to know I am around :twisted:

I'm pretty stoked that I'll get to play in this!


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Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:20 am
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
The way I roll, I seriously doubt I could say much that would ruin the game for you. That is, I am a fan of emergent story and I let players steer the ship whenever I can. So I can't really tell you what the story will be ahead of time. I suppose the closest thing to a spoiler in this thread was me musing on the source of the attacks.

Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:57 am
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
Starting the Teasers over at the Roludo site, re-posting them here:

I have previewed the idea of the Centum Mortui "one-shot campaign" in a previous thread. Here's the shortest pitch possible. The Dirty Dozen meets HBO's Rome. For my first real teaser, I want to talk about the pre-gen characters. I have five players, but I have 10 characters to choose from. I may narrow it down and pick 5 primaries after I tie up some of the loose ends in my head, leaving the others as NPC's and "backups" in the case of character death. Here are the "ghosts" (members of the Centum Mortui) that the players will pick from:

Fulvius. Duelist/Gladiator(?). Fulvius is an arrogant bastard, but there is no doubt of his skill in combat. Rumors say he once fought in the arena. No one picks a fight with Fulvius. At least no one who is still alive. And yet it is hard to resist his verbal barbs. He always seems to know how to get under your skin.

Cornelius. Physician/Investigator. In another time he might have been Brother Cadfael. He is charismatic healer with a quick mind and an unfortunately strong curiosity. Cornelius is always trying to debunk the heathen magic of Menes, the Egyptian.

Agrippa. Racer/Gambler. Agrippa is an ex-charioteer. He has quick reflexes and is a bit of a thrill-seeker. Nobody can ride like Agrippa! Agrippa is the only one that seems to be able to get a verbal shot in at Fulvius without getting a sword in his gut. No one knows why, because if looks could kill...

Alcaeus the Greek. Scholar/Linguist. A student of the world, Alcaeus is quick to pick up languages and seems to know a bit about every culture in the Roman Empire (and a good many outside of it). He's quite handy with a sling as well.

Felix "The Rat". Scrounger. Felix knows everybody, and always seems to have what you want (or knows where to get it). Also, it seems everyone owes Felix a favor, though not all are willing to pay it.

Quintinius. Tactician/Unlikely Officer. When the Centum Mortui was "formed," it lacked leadership. Nearly all the officers died in the stoning. Quintinius, a previously quiet junior officer turned out to be a natural leader of men and a brilliant tactician. He doesn't like to order others around, though maybe that's why people generally listen to him.

Menes. Mystic/Outsider "The Egyptian," Menes, is given a wide berth by the other Centum Mortui because of his odd habits and dabblings in occult magic. Menes and Cornelius have a rather heated rivalry. Many of the Mortui go to Menes when they are sick. Some get better, though it's not always clear whether the strange medicine Menes practices helps.

Gallus a.k.a. "Rooster" Brawler. Often seen in the company of Felix. (There go "Rat and Rooster" is a commonly heard phrase.) Gallus is a loud, sometimes obnoxious, bear of a man. His good nature usually keeps him out of fights with his fellow ghosts, but when he loses his temper he becomes a stone cold machine that will rip a man apart with his bare hands.

Junius. The Soldier's Soldier. Everyone follows Quintinius, but they look to Junius. The two natural leaders mostly get along, though sometimes Junius grouses about Quintinius' crazy plans. Junius could stand in the middle of a market dressed like a rich widow and everyone would point and say, "There's a man of the Legion." There's no disguising a real soldier.

Porcius. Alchemist/Gageteer. Most people refer to Porcius as "Piggy." It's what his unfortunate name means, and he is a bit doughy in appearance. But there is no doubt he is a genius and valuable to the ghosts. Rooster often protects Piggy from bullying and Cornelius sometimes consults him on herbs. In the rare instances the unit needs to rig a bridge or set fortifications, Piggy is in charge. And everyone has a healthy fear of his "Piggy Pots," clay pots filled with an alchemical Greek fire. Menes is always trying to get the secret of the pots from Piggy, insisting that they are black magic.

Rambert. Scout. Rambert is a recruit from the Germanic tribes. Hairy and wild in appearance, he can practically disappear in plain sight and he can follow a three-day old trail like it was laid down in ochre pigment.

Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:04 pm
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
Today's teaser:

Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:31 pm
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Post Re: Looking for Input on a One-Shot Idea
IN case you hadn't noticed, here is the Actual Play write up from last weekend's game:

Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:33 pm
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