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[D&D Homage] Ogres & Oubliettes 
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Post [D&D Homage] Ogres & Oubliettes
Thanks to my wife for the name.

I've been working on a tabletop homage to D&D, the idea is to get what I loved out of D&D/AD&D, but as simple as possible, and to keep it fast and free flowing. In order to reach this end, I've tried to keep the PC sheet to a size that could fit to a 3x5 Card for important data. (Sure not every peice of gear goes on there, but still.)

Some sample character write ups:

Ethom, Elf Ranger
Path: Warrior 3/Rogue 2/Ranger 1
Strength 0 Dex: +1 Con: +1 Int : 0 Wis: +1 Cha: 0
Feats: Combat Maneuvers: +4. Tricks: +4 Wilderness Lore +2
Weapon: Longbow +1 (Ap: 6), Short Sword: (Ap: 3)

Combat Stats:
Hit Points: 14
Passive Defense: 13 Armor: Chainmail AC 5
Attack: +4/+5 Block/Parry: +4 Dodge: +5
Saves: Avoid: +4 Resist: +5 Resolve: +1

To Hit Longbow: +6/AP: 6 Damage: 1d8
Short Sword: +4/Ap 3 Damage: 1d6

Now you can cut most of this off the character sheet, if you prefer to do the math in ones head and just write:

Warrior 3/Rogue 2/Ranger 1
Strength 0 Dex: +1 Con: +1 Int : 0 Wis: +1 Cha: 0
Hit Points: 14
Defense: 13 Armor: Chainmail AC: 5
Longbow +1 (Ap: 6/1d8) Short Sword (Ap 3/1d6)

Combat Maneuvers and Tricks/Dirty Tricks are feats he has access to due to his classes.

Because all of the other numbers come from Stat+Appropriate Class levels.

Feats in the game are open, definable on the fly things the character can do. Dirty tricks might let him get a bonus for throwing sand in someones face, of striking from a feint, or using his cloak to distract an opponent. While Combat Maneuvers allow him to do normal fighting maneuvers, like disarm a foe, lock up their weapon, headbutt a foe and so on.

Thruen of the Sigiled Door
Wizard 6
Str 0 Dex 0 Con 0 Int +2 Wis +1 Cha +1
Hit Points: 9
Defense: 10 Armor: (See Shield)
Magic Missile, Discern Magic, Hold Portal, Light, Shield
Detect Evil, Entangle, Invisibility,
Fireball, Clairvoyance, Haste
Polymorph Self, Dimension Door, Confusion
Cloudkill, Teleport, Wall of Stone
Death Spell, Wall of Iron, Weather control

Arcane Innovations: +6

Now the trick is here he can only cast his level in spells per rest period. That could be 6 first level spells, 3 2nd, 1 sixth or any combination of those up to 6 spell levels.
Most of the spells are slightly reduced in power because the reduced hit points, and the earlier access to those spells.

With Arcane Innovations though,the mage can perform a few tricks of magic that go beyond the spells. Cantrip type effects, it can also add personal effects to spells. Example: Invisibility may now with an Arcane Innovation re-instate itself after an attack, or Magic Missile might be shot around corners, or a fireball might let you shape its area of effect to specific shapes..

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