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Game Mechanic Idea: Lucky 7 
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Post Game Mechanic Idea: Lucky 7
The core mechanic is called The Lucky 7 System. Whenever a character must attempt something where there is some chance to fail, roll a number of d10s (determined by what Quality you are using), keeping any two of them, and add your skill bonus to the total on the dice. If you have rolled equal to or above the difficulty of the task, you have succeeded. If you succeed by 7 or more, your success was something magnificent. You can narrate this magnificent success as you like with most skills, though some have specific effects that occur with a magnificent success, such as disarming a foe.
If the two dice you kept are matching 7s or better, you may roll an additional d10 and add it to the total. If this extra die matches, you may continue rolling and adding until you roll something that doesn’t match. Matching dice make magnificent successes far more likely.
If your total on the dice you keep is ever less than 7, you have blundered. A blunder does not necessarily mean you failed (though that is often the case) but it does mean that something unfortunate (or embarrassing) happened. If you narrate this in an entertaining (and genre appropriate) way, the GM might decide to give you a Fortune Token, which makes your character better able to succeed (or survive) in the future. Here are two examples of narrated blunders:
A skilled musketeer goes onto a frozen pond to fight an enemy—and even though his roll of 6 was enough to hit the enemy, he blundered. The player decides that the musketeer slipped on the ice and bowled the enemy over by accidentally sliding into him.
A pirate sneaks into a room where a bunch of guards are looking the other direction, and all happen to be standing on a rug. The pirate decides to pull up the rug to bowl over the guards. Unfortunately, the player’s roll ended up a 4, not enough to succeed, and a blunder to boot. The player declares that he rips up the rug—but it tears, alerting the guards who all go for their swords while the pirate stares sheepishly at them, armed only with torn rug!

Thoughts so far? Note: Qualities range from 1 (horrible) to 4 (amazing)

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Post Re: Game Mechanic Idea: Lucky 7
I know it's been a while since you posted this but I will go ahead and give my opinion. One major issue I have is that you are much more likely to blunder and succeed on a very easy task, and there is absolutely no chance of blundering and succeeding on a very difficult task. I would think one would be much more likely to blunder but still get a favorable result on a hard task (like throwing a bowling ball through a steel door to get in a room) then you would if you were attempting an easy task (using the door knob to open the same door). As a sub-note I love the lucky 7 idea I am just having trouble with the blunder part of it.

I have a complicated thought and a simpler thought.
The complicated one is a 7 point Success range. So if the difficulty is 8 then 5-7 would be a blundered success, 8 would just get the job done (bare minimum success), 9-11 would be better than average (give them the ability to narrate something extra into the task). Anything lower would fail and anything above would be so successful they make it look too easy. Now instead of of giving modifiers to make a roll easier due to tools or outside influence you can instead slide the success scale, because the task didn't get any harder you are just more likely not to blunder through. So that same difficulty 8 task with superior equipment might end up looking like this: less than 5 fail, 5 blundered success, 6-8 bare minimum success, 9-11 better than average. With the same principle applying to negative effects. Difficulty 8 with rusty equipment: less than 5 fail, 5-9 blundered success, 10 bare minimum successes, 11 better than average.

The simpler way is to just say that failing by 7 or less gives you the ability to narrate a blundered success, if the group agrees it is appropriate.

Sorry I'm Long Winded.

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