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[Star Wars Saga] Fun With Character Generation 
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Post [Star Wars Saga] Fun With Character Generation
Originally posted over at the Role Play Media Network
Name: Galadar”Hrek”freen
Class: Soldier
Species: Chiss
Level: 1
Age: 30 Gender: M Height: 1.93 Weight: 85kg Background: Orphaned (Gather Information)
Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 15 (+2)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 11 (0)
Cha: 8 (-1)
Fort: +4
Ref: +3
Will: 0
Hit Points: 32
Speed: 6
Base Att: +1
Force Points:5
Destiny Points:0
Talents: Indomitable

Skills: Endurance, Treat Injury, Initiative, Knowledge (Tactics), Gather Information

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons), Unstoppable Force

Notes: This is my first experiment with running a Saga character all the way up to level 20. I am not trying for an incredibly optimized build...I'm just trying for something that sounds like something I would want to play. In-game, I have no idea if I would maintain this track. I just did what made sense to me at the time. Hrek here is a Chiss Soldier. Most likely part of the remnants of the Empire in the New Republic era, though he could be around in the Legacy era easily enough. Point is, he's a soldier. He grew up on the streets and learned to always find what he needed to know (Gather Information). As Chiss go, he's not the brightest, but he's far from stupid. Not a very dynamic personality, however...very "tough as nails" and direct.

Even at the beginning of his career he's not one to mess with. Hrek refuses to give up. As well, he baffles Jedi with his resistance to their trickery.

2 Soldier 2/Extra Second Wind/BAB +2/38 hp

Hrek's resilience grows. He shows a further propensity for bouncing back from damage inflicted to him.

3 Soldier 3/Fast Surge/Spring the Trap/BAB +3/46 hp

Hrek's learning now to be an ambusher. His second winds come faster now.

4 Soldier 4/Dex 16/Wis 12/Martial Arts I/BAB +4/52 hp

Hrek's wits sharpen a bit, as do his reflexes. He learns to rely on his hands as well as his blaster.

5 Soldier 5/Tough As Nails/BAB +5/57 hp

Hrek can now catch a Second Wind three times a day, as a free action, and moves up the condition track each time he does.

6 Soldier 6/Skill Focus (Knowledge: Tactics)/Never Surrender/BAB +6/60 hp

Hrek studies tactics almost religiously, helping to compensate for his "failings" intellectually. As well, on those times in which he is brought to the brink, he gains a propensity for remaining alive and on his feet.

7 Soldier 7/Ambush Specialist/BAB +7/66 hp

Hrek is getting good at the ambush, pinpointing targets now with greater efficiency.

8 Soldier 8/Str 14/Dex 17/Point Blank Shot/BAB +8/69 hp

Hrek's reflexes continue to sharpen...he learns the "Han Solo" as well.

9 Soldier 9/Keep It Going/Fatal Hit/BAB +9/74 hp

Hrek has now learned to instantly kill an opponent if he exceeds their threshold. As well, if he whacks a prime target, he can immediately select a new one.

10 Soldier 10/Quick Draw/BAB +10/79 hp

Pretty self explanatory.

11 Soldier 11/Destructive Ambusher/BAB +11/83 hp

Now Hrek gains an extra die of damage against his prime target...who he can instantly kill if they drop to 0 hitpoints, and he can pick a new prime target instantly.

12 Soldier 12/Con 15/Int 13/Unstoppable Combatant/Assured Attack/BAB +12/90 hp

Hrek rerolls his lowest damage die. He's starting to develop some of that Chiss intelligence. He can now catch a second wind twice an encounter.

13 Officer 1/+2 Ref/+4 Will/Born Leader/BAB +13/93 hp

Hrek gets recognized for his prowess. He becomes an Officer, and shows an aptitude for real leadership.

14 Officer 2/Command Cover/Share Talent (Ambush Specialist)/BAB +14/102 hp

Hrek can now impart proper ambushing techniques...and use his men for cover.

15 Officer 3/Deployment Tactics/Bantha Herder/BAB +15/109 hp

Hrek grows more comfortable giving commands, and has learned to drive his opponents where he wants them...dangerous when he's got a squad with him.

16 Soldier 13/Con 16/Int 14/Perception/Tested In Battles/BAB +16/137 hp

Hrek lapses back into the life of the soldier. His indomitable nature is almost legendary.

17 Soldier 14/Fortifying Recovery/BAB+17/148 hp

Just more boosting to Hrek's resilience.

18 Soldier 15/Seen It All/Improved Defenses/BAB +18/154 hp

His overall defense is becoming more well rounded, and he's become much harder to rattle.

19 Soldier 16/Improved Damage Threshold/BAB +19/164 hp

Hrek's resistance to large amounts of damage is fortified, making it harder to move him down the Condition Track, which he will just bounce right back up anyway.

20 Soldier 17/Dex 18/Int 15/Grizzled Warrior/BAB +20/176 hp

At this point he's finally gained a perfectly respectable Chiss intellect, and his reflexes are to be feared. However, Hrek's reputation hinges on the fact that he will-not-stay-down. He can gain hitpoints from making attacks, boost allies damage rolls and buff his Reflex.

Final Thoughts: I see areas where he could be improved for optimization. A Skill Focus in Endurance probably wouldn't hurt...shifting him around for a higher Constitution would help out many of his feats and talents as well. I do kinda see why people say it gets wobbly around level 12. You really do start having enough options that it gets a little fidgety. I still think it's not as big a deal if you are playing from the beginning, so you develop your favorite tactics over time.

I stayed out of the Elite Trooper class because there was nothing in there I really wanted for him except Damage Resistance. I see the detour into Officer as him getting a promotion, then slipping back into Soldier as he became disillusioned with the inevitable politics.

More importantly, I really had fun with the character generation, which is one of the very few times I have been able to say that about a d20 game.

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Post Re: [Star Wars Saga] Fun With Character Generation
I am david and I love to play the game. I read your full post. I like it.
It is really having a fun with character generation in star wars saga.
I am new to this forum and this is my first posting. Have a nice day guys.

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